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Your 10 Point Plan for GDPR Readiness

In insight / By Hollie Coote / 25 October 2017

With the deadline to GDPR fast approaching, check out the ten questions every data-driven CEO should be asking.

GDPR. It’s the buzzword on everyone’s lips, but are you prepared for 25th May? From DPO’s to SAR’s, the ever-growing list of acronyms could confuse even the most security-savvy organisation.

To help to simplify the preparation process, we’ve collated the ultimate ten-point plan to GDPR readiness, complete with easy to follow checklists for each question.

This handy guide will help if you find yourself asking questions such as:

  • What constitutes as Personal Data?
  • Am I a Controller or a Processor?
  • Do I need a DPO?
  • Has all data been audited?
  • Am I prepared for a data breach?
  • Am I prepared for a SAR?
  • Do my Data Privacy Policies need reviewing?
  • Are all staff aware of requirements?
  • Who do I need to inform of any policy changes?
  • What can I do if I’m not ready?

On your marks, get set, prep!

Download your ten-point plan to GDPR readiness here.

Download our handy personal data identification flow chart here.

Hollie Coote

Hollie Coote

Hollie is a freelance writer for various companies and writes for the Nasstarian on a wide range of subjects.

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