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Why Should Your Business Move To Office 365?

In insight / By Lee Savery / 12 April 2019

Since its initial release in June 2011, Microsoft Office 365 has grown to become one of the most dominant productivity tools in the business industry today. Cloud-based systems have proven to be very popular with both small businesses and larger enterprises; not only do they drive efficiency, but they also improve flexibility and are better protected against any potential computer software threats.

Programs like Office 365 are changing the ways in which businesses work. As a system, it offers some great applications such as Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. Here, at Nasstar, we’ve compiled together some of the top reasons as to why you should move to Office 365.

Grow With Your Business

One of the most beneficial aspects of Office 365 is its functionality and ability to adapt and overcome. With Office 365, you can easily pay to add any additional services or data storage that you may need. In a simpler term, as your business grows, so can your computer system. As a result, you no longer have to go through the stress of investing in a larger hard drive to store all your data.

Enhance Mobility and Practicality

As a cloud-based system, Office 365 means that your employees can easily access and data whenever and wherever they like. Gone are the days where they have to be chained to their desks. Whether you need to access your documents, emails, contacts or calendars, all can be done easily and efficiently from any computer, smartphone, tablet or laptop. In addition to this, it is also all backed up by comprehensive security measures.

The built-in sharing and collaboration features of Office 365 also makes it a suitable tool for modern work environments. In particular, it has proven very useful for companies who offer flexible work arrangements for their employees.

Improve Communication Functionality

Office 365 is equipped with multiple collaboration and communication tools such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Yammer, Office Groups, Skype for Business, Office Video and OneDrive for Business, all of which have the ability to improve functionality and communication within the office environment. These advanced tools allow employees to seamlessly share ideas and files between teams, departments, tools and devices. By improving your communication systems, it will actively enhance your overall business strategy and allow employees to work more efficiently within a fast paced and proactive environment.

Data Security

One of the most fundamental benefits of Office 365 is the number of security features that are in place to help protect your stored data. With Office 365, you can safely manage your workload, knowing that you are well secured under the cloud.

Microsoft regularly conduct security audits to monitor all systems and look out for any suspicious activity that could be harmful to you or your business.

Other security features offered by Office 365 include:

  • Up to date antivirus signatures
  • Email protection from malware with anti-spam filtering and antivirus software
  • Microsoft Trustworthy Computing security measures

With Office 365, you can be sure of where your data is and who has access to it using it’s built-in tools. These systems allow you to control individual file security by setting permissions by employee or by their role, giving you the peace of mind that you need.

Boost employee productivity

Although Office 365 is well known for improving turnovers, it's also a good way of reinventing how work is produced. When working in a flexible and mobile environment, Office 365 allows employers to work more productively and efficiently by using the wide range of on the go applications and tools. Whether you’re on the train, having a coffee with the client or jumping on a conference call, Office 365 can soon become a space that radiates convenience and functionality.

Previous implementation of Office 365 into work environments has shown a dramatic increase in employee productivity. By adding a space for further flexibility, it can improve staff morale and, as a result, improve the overall efficiency of the agency.

Regular Updates

One of the more attractive traits of Office 365 is that it upgrades automatically without any extra costs. As a result, users can gain access to all the latest enhancements, including bug fixes and updates as soon as they are released. Gone are the days of manually updating your business software.

With Office 365 you can be rest assured that your business remains secure within the cloud, providing your employees with the latest features and maintaining a high level of solution software.

As a Microsoft Gold Hosting Partner and a Microsoft Gold CSP Partner, we here at Nasstar have the credentials and experience to migrate, support and manage any Office 365 projects, helping you increase functionality, productivity and communication.

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Lee Savery

Lee Savery

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