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Why Are Businesses Struggling To Retain Their Top Talent?

In opinon / By Mark Flynn / 20 August 2018

Outside of work, many of us use our tablets and smartphones to shop, socialise and manage our personal finances. However, from Monday to Friday we go to work for a dinosaur of a firm that has not updated it's technology in the last 10 years. So why are these firms surprised they cannot retain their top talent?

To counter this concern, the smart business leaders are introducing a modern, flexible and collaborative cloud-based IT strategy to their workplace.

So what does it look like? When you move to the cloud you no longer own any servers, all your data is in the cloud and the only physical kit you have is your laptop, smartphone and wi-fi network. On your laptop or smartphone, you’ll have a common set of applications to provide access to your cloud based business applications and collaboration tools.

In my experience, adopting more modern consumer-type business systems is having a major impact on employee loyalty because the demands of your business fit in with the type of lifestyle the modern worker wants. We are seeing a general blurring of the so called 'work-life balance.' Employees want the kind of lifestyle where they can work from anywhere, whatever hour, especially from home to avoid the daily commuting grind.

Moving to the cloud will also deliver a great return on investment to your business because you can reduce the amount of expensive city based office space you need. Now your staff can work from client sites, from home or a coffee shop, collaborating with their colleagues and clients.

You cannot hide from the risk that moving to the cloud opens up your business to potential risk so make sure you rethink your company’s mobile worker policies. Criminals know that the information on your laptop is of more value than the laptop itself - passwords, credit card numbers, banking details - stuff that is valued highly on the dark web. Every mobile worker is putting their company at risk without meaning to, all that data your mobile workers are carrying around is cash money to criminals.

So do these three things to protect your people when travelling:

  • Ensure every laptop hard disk is encrypted so even if a laptop is stolen thieves cannot pull anything off it
  • Use Two factor authentication and only strong passwords e.g. make up a memorable phrase sprinkled with special characters and numbers
  • If you have to use public wi-fi don't go checking your bank account or financial infos

Sticking with the theme of staff, retaining and recruiting top talent is every organisation's major concern as the employment market tightens and Brexit puts the brakes on Europeans coming to the UK to seek employment it is useful to look beyond cloud computing and how AI might help.

You could use Bots to remove the need for staff to do low value repetitive tasks. Other examples are less obvious such as an AI assistant helping during the onboarding process to ensure each new hire gets the information they need to get on with their job. It could also help predict who wants to leave the company and then your HR team could either rectify the problem or ensure their leaving causes as few problems as possible.

In summary, to attract and retain the best people you need to invest in a more modern, flexible cloud based strategy and business leaders who are doing it right are getting a big return on their investment.

For more information on anything in this article, please contact me.

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Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn is Head of Sales for Nasstar. Mark has wealth of knowledge & experience within the IT industry & plays an instrumental part in defining our long-term sales & go to market strategies.

London, England
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