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What has Novak Djokovic got to do with Nasstar’s Continual Service Improvement?

In opinion / By Mark Lee / 16 November 2020

Novak Djokovic is arguably the best tennis player in history. The image below charts his startling progression from the start of his professional tour career in 2004 to becoming one of the top 10 players in the world in 2007, through to achieving world Number 1 status in 2011.

Nasstar Continual Service Improvement

Unsurprisingly, this progression resulted in increased prize money, endorsement deals and success on the court. What might surprise you is how many more points Novak was winning when he was Number 1 in the world compared to during his rookie season. Was he winning 30% more points per season, perhaps 40?

No, Djokovic became the greatest player ever by increasing his % Points Won by only 6%.

Nasstar Continual Service Improvement

I heard this story recently and it struck me that good Continual Service Improvement works in a similar way. The expectation of a Managed Service is that it should provide stability, high levels of performance and predictability - much like a rookie tennis player winning 49% of points. There is a lot of work that goes into becoming a professional tennis player, just like putting together a “good” Managed Service.

But once a Managed Service (or a Tennis player!) is in a good place, what takes it from good, to great … to fantastic? It is a process of making small percentage points of improvement every month, every quarter and every year. Over time, these small improvements compound into a dramatic improvement in the service delivered.

At Nasstar, by routinely and strategically reviewing our organisation’s processes and procedures, we demonstrate our commitment to a programme of continuous improvement by learning from experience and making small improvements during the lifecycle of a contract. One of the key principles to our successful management system is to understand how we are performing in the eyes of our most important asset – the customer.

A Nasstar, our customers meet with their account manager every month to review the preceding month’s service, change requests and performance. We also look ahead to what projects or activity is on the horizon to ensure things go smoothly. But one of the most important things we discuss is ways of working, process or procedural changes that can improve the service – we then work to implement and monitor those changes - no matter how small the impact is.

After all, a 1% better service every month provides the world’s best service to our clients.

Mark Lee

Mark Lee

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