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Nasstar Launches New Whitepaper with HPE: 'What Differentiates the Top Performers in the Recruitment Industry?’

In insight / By Carrie Morgan / 08 March 2019

Nasstar has launched a new whitepaper aimed at recruitment agencies across the UK, titled ‘Culture, Talent and Technology: What differentiates the top performers in the recruitment industry?’

The whitepaper has been created in partnership with HPE, focusing on what separates the top performers in the recruitment industry from the rest. The whitepaper looks at three key pillars in which agencies need to succeed for their businesses to excel: culture, talent and technology.


Recruitment agency business models are evolving in terms of how agencies are organised and the services they offer. Clients are expecting their recruitment partners to go above and beyond traditional service delivery, expanding into new service offerings such as full outsourced business projects. To succeed, agencies need to develop a culture of innovation where ideas can flourish, and new services can be released quickly and with agility.


As recruitment agencies tell their own clients, attracting the right talent is critical for business success – it’s often the most important factor in a company’s ability to innovate and satisfy customers. However, there’s now much more focus on recruitment agencies’ own ability to attract and retain top talent, who can contribute to an agency’s ability to capitalise on new technology or be open to new ways of working. Technology is also often central to building an employer brand, as it impacts on the availability of flexible or remote working options for staff.


Technology is key to making operational efficiencies and delivering on savings now, but is also about ensuring agencies are well-placed to leverage new innovations in the recruitment industry, such as virtual reality and machine learning as new solutions are introduced into the market. Building a culture of innovation and attracting the top talent in your industry requires having the right technology foundations in place, across four key areas which we explore in more detail in the whitepaper:

  • Cloud
  • Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Integration

Innovation goes hand in hand with integration

One common feature we see across many agencies is the desire to (understandably) use the latest innovations in their industry, such as virtual reality, video interviewing or artificial intelligence-based candidate assessment tools. However, many of these tools are implemented outside of a formal innovation strategy without being integrated into an agency’s wider IT and data environment.

This is where many agencies’ innovation strategies fall down; through not having systems thoroughly and seamlessly integrated. Sometimes, the issue can occur because a new web-based tool isn’t integrated into the agency’s security system, meaning that managers are reluctant to share confidential candidate data with new applications that sit outside the corporate firewall. Without carefully planned integration, insights derived from these tools are hollow, as they only incorporate a portion of the available data across the company, and once confidence in the data quality is lost, employees stop using the tools altogether.

Integration needs to go deep, starting with getting the right technology foundations in place that allow for the seamless connection between each application. Data needs to be shared between applications; however, it must be done in a way where confidential data can’t be lost or shared outside of the corporate network.

Properly executed integration between the IT systems at all levels, across hardware, software, data, security and applications, enables agencies to get the most out of their investments into new tools and innovations without compromising on security.

How Nasstar supports innovation through integration

One of an agency’s key assets is its data, so if it’s not properly integrated and shared across different tools and systems, then knowledge and insights within the agency become compartmentalised. Nasstar helps agencies to integrate systems securely, giving employees flexible access to applications and data without putting that data at risk.

Can your CRM system connect into your telephone system to automatically record and marry up client data with phone calls, so that your teams have an audit trail of all customer communications? Our integration expertise powers our own clients’ innovation strategies to drive increased customer satisfaction amongst an agency’s clients.

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Carrie Morgan

Carrie Morgan

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