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We've Been Hacked !

In humour / By Guise Bule / 26 August 2016

This happened a while back but it's still the best thing that ever happened to me at work.

True story.

So, I was hired by a big defense company (upgrade tanks, naval weapons, etc) with over 3500 employees.

You can imagine this was a very big company.

We were in building 34 and if you needed to go somewhere quick you took a bike or an electric car.

I usually did 2nd line support, but they had a couple of people call in sick and asked me to do first line support.

It was a friday and not much was happening, besides the usual emailproblems and tech guys turning off unix machines that needed a checkdisk command with admin rights.

The phone rings.

Yes hello, this the secretary of the CEO. We need you to come over NOW! We have a big problem.

ME: What seems to be wrong?

Her: Mr CEO is trying to open a file in Word, but everytime he does this, scrambled text is showing up. I THINK WE ARE BEING HACKED!
(this was a big issue, since a couple of weeks before this a group of activists broke into the company and climbed on top of our radar tower)

Me: I'll take a look from here and take over your screen. Hang on.

HER: I don't know what this is. You see?!? THis is so weird...

Now, i knew what was wrong at this moment, but i wanted to see in person. You don't just walk into the exec office every day.

ME: Uhuh. I'll be there as soon as possible!
So i grab this electric car, drive over and 5 minutes later i walk into the executive building. A very nice building, totally different from the rest of the offices.

They even had their own dining room and bar. The security guy sees me coming and waves me through, he was informed of my coming and understood the importance.

I get out of the elevator at the top floor and am greeted by the secretary, a manager and some other assistent, all a bit panicked.

Come over, have a look at this! The ceo says..

So i look at him. I look at every single person in that room. You could feel the suspense.

I look back at the computer. I pick up the newspaper that was on top of the keyboard and ask them to try again.

The looks on their face: Priceless.

Stolen from Reddit

Guise Bule

Guise Bule

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