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Video case study: ESOS Limited

In video / By Nasstar Marketing / 19 October 2016

Client: ESOS Limited

Sector: Recruitment Technology Services

Project snapshot: An innovative service model made possible by harnessing the power of hosting.

ESOS on Nasstar: "A trusted partner whose professional management of the hostedplatform has been key to innovation and growth."

Nasstar on ESOS: "Highly committed to focusing on their own core competencies to deliver excellence for clients."

Cloud computing has become mainstream but how can small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) benefit from the technology? What are the benefits of the cloud and what do SMBs need to consider?

Nigel Redwood, CEO at Nasstar PLC believes that 80% of IT for SMBs is largely the same as competitors - in terms of servers, memory & storage. He argues that there is a golden opportunity for SMBs to explore new ways of working with the cloud, embracing collaborative applications such as telephony &'unified communication as a service' -- that can transform the way you do business.

Also, hear from ESOS, a leading, independent recruitment firm which has reduced its annual IT costs by 50% as a result of moving to cloud computing --while Microsoft discusses the benefits that SMBs can gain from cloud computing.

Nasstar Marketing

Nasstar Marketing

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