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The Value of Partnerships in the Legal Sector

In insight / By Martyn Best / 30 January 2020

Since our inception, we have played a key part in helping law firms deliver their services and many of you will recognise that the delivery of legal opinion to your clients has changed significantly over the last 20 years. A large part of this change has been technology, but also the value of partnerships; Nasstar partners with several businesses and resources across the legal sector to help us support your firm’s activity.

One of our valued partners is Document Direct and we are pleased to have them write this guest blog about our partnership and how critical aspects of service delivery have changed over the years to provide a better client experience.

Document Direct

As a starting point, it’s probably worth mentioning Document Direct in the context of who we are and what we do; simply put, Document Direct has taken the prosaic but vital task of typing and brought it into the 21st century. We are the UK’s premier outsourced typing and document production service for the legal, medical and professional services sectors.

We support over 300 law firms and many thousands of lawyers across the UK and Ireland. We strive to deliver a level of accuracy, consistency, reliability and cost savings that are the envy of many transcription and document production departments in major firms.


Document Direct has partnered with Nasstar since we were founded in 2005, seeing them as an organisation who could support us with our vision to adopt and adapt emerging technology. We have a resolute and persistent approach to delivering this vision which is something we share with Nasstar - a vital aspect of any partnership.

Like Nasstar, we are endorsed by the Manchester Law society and we are both founding partners of Calico Legal Solutions Group which allows us to collaborate on a number of initiatives together. As a growing technology business, we are very pleased to have Nasstar as a valued partner.

The value of our partnership lies in the strength of our relationship and how we continue to work together to uncover opportunities for our clients. For example, Nasstar offers a complex end-to-end managed IT service but does not offer the typing service that we do and that many law firms are in need of. This is a great opportunity to give Nasstar clients a better experience by providing them with a trusted and reputable name to help with their document production needs.

The Internet

A fundamental element of the change we have seen over the last two decades is the emergence of the internet and its acceptance as an integral part of our lives, both personal and professional. We now accept, without question, our ability to buy online, bank online and to communicate in several previously unimaginable ways.

All of our clients will see the immense benefit that working online provides; you are able to deliver your advice and opinions much more quickly to your own clients and in a much more efficient and cost-effective fashion. This provides significant benefits to all involved, from the delivery of justice to the achievement of better working practices and giving you and your colleagues an improved work/life balance.

Law firms could not have done this without the emergence of the internet, the development of digital technologies, the acceptance of remote, but still secure, working methods and without retaining a passionate approach to client service.

If you combine the benefits of working online and the ease in which we are able to do so, with the value of the partnerships your suppliers maintain, your law firm has an excellent chance at greater success and will ultimately benefit from a complete and enhanced level of customer service.

You can expect to read more about Document Direct in future articles from our founder and Managing Director, Martyn Best, who will provide insights into our philosophy of helping law firms become more profitable and support the improvement of client service.

If you'd like to learn more, call Martyn on 01926 821900 or email

Martyn Best

Martyn Best

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