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The Cloud Vision and Next Generation Technologies

In news, video, insight / By Lydia Cooper / 23 August 2016

Every year Nasstar holds its Stakeholders Forum meeting, which is an opportunity to gather our top 30 clients from across the group in a room together for a two day session of presentations and roundtables around all aspects of Nasstar’s service delivery and strategic direction.

Stakeholders Forum members meet every year to discuss issues of the day, network with peers, share experiences and promote best practices with fellow clients. As a business we find these two days extremely valuable and insightful and ensure that we feed all comments and ideas directly into our business plan for the next 12-18 months.

Every year we design an agenda that is based on the feedback we receive from clients to ensure we are discussing topics that add value to them and their business. This year, like every year, we had a packed schedule, however one of the sessions that stimulated the most conversation and interest was a roundtable session on Cloud Vision and Next Generation Technologies led by Nasstar’s Head of Sales and Marketing, James Mackie and Dan Bradley who heads up the innovation team.

Dan starts the discussion by describing the changing landscape of the Cloud and how Nasstar as a business is adapting the solution we deliver to best suit our client’s needs as well as changes in the industry such as the Microsoft Cloud suite. Dan discusses the differences between the public and private cloud, why Cloud Orchestration is becoming a trend and why Nasstar’s preferred approach is a hybrid solution, providing the flexibility and scalability of the public cloud with the security benefits and peace of mind of the private cloud.

Dan concludes his session by talking the audience through what the last 12 months have looked like for Nasstar’s innovation team and their plans for the future.

James then takes over the presentation reins discussing how businesses in the Cloud could already be one step ahead when it comes to embracing next generation technologies. He also looks at how emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence are set be the next big technology mega trends and the impact they will have on the way we work in the not too distant future. James notes that a number of what we would call ‘next generation technologies’ are already starting to infiltrate our lives and we might not have even noticed yet.

James Mackie, the Managing Director and founder of VESK joined the Group as part of Nasstar plc’s acquisition of VESK in October 2015. James is a thought leader in Cloud Computing, giving talks all over the world at events such as the Open Storage Summit in California, Data centre World in London and the Cloud Storage Summit in Amsterdam.

Dan Bradley joined Nasstar PLC in 2014 as an Infrastructure Engineer and was quickly promoted to the position of Customer Innovation Lead bringing with him a wealth of technical knowledge but also a commercial awareness making him an ideal candidate to head up the Innovation team.

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Lydia Cooper

Lydia Cooper

Group Marketing Manager at Nasstar.

Telford, Shropshire
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