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Infosecurity Europe: Key Insights and Takeaways

Every June, in a part of west London filled with nothing but coffee shops and conference centres, you’ll find Infosecurity Europe. Europe’s self-styled “number one” cybersecurity trade show... Read More

Phil Muncaster / 14 June 2019

How To Stay Focused When Working From Home

Working from home was once a pipe dream for much of the UK population, but with technology advances such as hosted desktop, the cloud and a whole range of remote... Read More

Charlotte Tobulevicius / 15 March 2019

Law Firm Innovation On A Budget

We’ve all read those stories in the legal press about big City, international, “Magic Circle” and “Silver Circle” law firms announcing they are going to spend millions of pounds... Read More

Charles Christian / 11 March 2019

Love Your Data This Valentine's Day

Looking after your data is vital and can often be crucial to the running and success of your business, especially in professional services industries. This Valentine’s Day we’re... Read More

Charlotte Tobulevicius / 01 February 2019

New Year, New Technology?

For most of us, Christmas is now a distant memory and we’re well and truly back into the swing of things at work. January is often a time for... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 11 January 2019

Cyber crime: Is Your Business Protected?

This week’s news has been dominated by cybersecurity and we learnt that cybercrime is a booming business, your biggest security threat is your people and why outsourcing your IT... Read More

Mark Flynn / 26 June 2018

Make Change Less Challenging

Change is never easy. When everything you accept as ‘the way we do things’ is suddenly ripped up and replaced with new procedures, when you and the people you work... Read More

Howard Smith / 21 May 2018

How To Choose Your Managed IT Service Provider

Like any major procurement decision, choosing an external provider to manage your IT needs careful consideration. IT is, after all, the lifeblood of your organisation, so it shouldn’t be... Read More

Howard Smith / 24 January 2018

Is The Phrase "Innovative Law Firm" An Oxymoron?

An English Law Society report – Capturing Technological Innovation in Legal Services – published earlier this year, concludes that “increasingly firms will need to foster an innovation based culture and develop firm-appropriate... Read More

Charles Christian / 14 December 2017

6 Reasons To Move Over To The Cloud

The way we store and transfer data has transformed enormously within our recent history, from floppy discs to USBs and now to the vast world of the cloud. In our... Read More

Ellen Bowers / 06 July 2017

Why Is There Still A Gender Gap In UK Tech?

Theresa May has described the technology industry as a “great British success story” after a report revealed that investment in digital businesses spread across the country last year. Tech seems... Read More

Ellen Bowers / 20 April 2017

British Banks Vulnerable To Cyber Attack

Cybersecurity has become a matter of urgency and one which many banks are suddenly forced into addressing. Recently we have seen a spate of attacks on retail banks and as... Read More

Tanzeel Akhtar / 29 November 2016

Welcome To Facebook At Work

Would you allow your employees use Facebook at work? Facebook is making a big bet that you will, launching its new enterprise edition. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based tech giant... Read More

Gina Hall / 23 November 2016

The Future For Big Data In FinTech Is Bright

BIG data and financial technology (FinTech) are innovative sectors which are evolving at a rapid pace. Both financial services companies and governments understand the importance of data and the need... Read More

Tanzeel Akhtar / 21 October 2016

Vizard : IT & The Coming AI Storm

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents a long-standing promise of IT that is just now coming to fruition. The challenge now is that most organizations and individuals are about as prepared for... Read More

Mike Vizard / 03 October 2016

Vizard : Bi-Modal IT Sells IT Leaders Short

The whole notion that there is some magic “bimodal” formula to managing IT is one of those gross oversimplifications that trivialises the amount of effort that goes into managing a... Read More

Mike Vizard / 26 September 2016

When An Oil Tanker Simply Won’t Do

Change, why is it so hard to enact? Innovation, we all talk about it, but why do we rarely see it? Why, because of our oil tanker – eh? Let me... Read More

Nigel Redwood / 19 July 2016

Let Somebody Else Manage Your IT

You should let somebody else manage your IT, so that you can focus on your business. I have been involved in a few businesses in my career and I think... Read More

Guise Bule / 30 June 2016