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Video: What Makes Nasstar Different?

At Nasstar, we are very proud of where we work, the service we provide to our clients and the teams we belong to. We’re a fast-paced, growing company with... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 12 November 2018

Guest Blog: MOD Warning for Law Firms

On the 9th of September I was reading the Sunday Mirror and saw the headline “MOD ‘Loses’ 60 Laptops” followed by “Security fears on military secrets” and “Losing stuff is... Read More

Bill Kirby / 22 October 2018

How To Make Your Digital Workspace A Success

The digital workspace is a solution that enables employees to access the systems and tools they need from any device—smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop—regardless of location. However, when... Read More

Mark Flynn / 16 October 2018

Could AI Be Used To Fuel Cybercrime?

Cybercrime and cyber defence continue to evolve with new technologies and new methodologies. The first and most obvious next step is the integration of AI into cybersecurity. AI technology for... Read More

Mark Flynn / 04 September 2018

The Anti-Hacking Guide – 2018 Edition

In the homes of today, TV’s, kitchen appliances and sound systems can all be connected through our devices, which means they can also be hacked. Make sure to keep... Read More

Hollie Coote / 15 August 2018

Is the Recruitment Sector Ignoring GDPR?

We sat down with Steve Peak, Head of Continual Service Improvement at Nasstar, who (in his own words) is busy developing a worryingly strong interest in GDPR consultancy. Within Nasstar,... Read More

Stephen Peak / 02 July 2018

Cloud in the Legal Sector

There is now a general acceptance across the sector around cloud technologies as more and more firms get ‘comfortable with cloud’. And, as cloud offerings mature, and the legal sector... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 30 May 2018

Innovation in the Legal Sector

A recent report into innovation in the legal sector found that although many firms recognise that technological innovation can help them to differentiate themselves from the competition, many practices are... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 21 May 2018

Technology in the Legal Sector

In PWC’s 2017 Annual Law Firms survey, firms said that one of their top two priorities across Business Support functions was improving the use of technology. And, the focus... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 16 May 2018

How GDPR Will Impact Data Management Practices

On May 25th 2018, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become implemented into legislation and this means that for all those within the IT and data management industry,... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 30 January 2018

The Twelve Days of Christmas Technology Roundup

From the medical innovations saving lives, to the dangerous cyber-criminals threatening them, take a look at the twelve tech topics that dominated the headlines this year. 1. Revolutionising road trips... Read More

Hollie Coote / 14 December 2017

Your 10 Point Plan for GDPR Readiness

With the deadline to GDPR fast approaching, check out the ten questions every data-driven CEO should be asking. GDPR. It’s the buzzword on everyone’s lips, but are you... Read More

Hollie Coote / 25 October 2017

The GDPR: An Opportunity Not a Curse for Firms

As the countdown to the May 2018 GDPR compliance deadline continues, the headlines are becoming increasingly frantic. There’s just seven months to go before maximum fines of 4% of... Read More

Phil Muncaster / 17 October 2017

Advantages Of Data Centre Outsourcing

Discover why it is best for your business to use a provider with their own Data Centre. There are many advantages of data centre outsourcing for your business. Benefits of... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 12 September 2017

How To Stay Safe Online

According to new research by recruitment finance provider, Sonovate, IT security professionals are currently the most sought-after workers in the UK’s growing jobs market. The growth for such roles... Read More

Ellen Bowers / 31 July 2017

No One Is Delivering True Hybrid Cloud…But We Are

Everyone is talking about hybrid cloud delivery, but who is actually delivering true hybrid cloud solutions that seamlessly integrate public and private cloud environments with your software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, such... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 19 June 2017

Cybersecurity In The Recruitment Sector

It’s said that the lifeblood of any recruiter is their candidate data. The lists, the contact information, the CVs – it’s all valuable IP. Without this data, how can... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 30 May 2017

Cloud Nine Security

Nasstar's CEO spoke to Legal Practice Management magazine this month about the changing cybersecurity landscape and how firms can prepare. Given the large scale ransomware attack on the NHS and... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 17 May 2017

GDPR - Time to Act?

Guy Deterding, managing director of Nasstar For Recruitment, talks to Recruitment International about what the new General Data Protection Regulations mean for recruiters, and why they should start preparing now.... Read More

Guy Deterding / 07 April 2017

Guy On The Big Screen

Nasstar's Recruitment Division Managing Director, Guy Deterding chatted to Employment Innovation TV at the recent Recruitment Agency Expo 2017 about what makes us stand out from the crowd as a... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 07 March 2017

Nasstar Prophecies : 2017 Recruitment Edition

Welcome to the 2017 recruitment edition of the Nasstar Prophecies, where head of Nasstar For Recruitment, Guy Deterding, makes a valiant attempt to predict the future of the recruitment industry... Read More

Guy Deterding / 18 January 2017

Why You Don’t Need a New Recruitment CRM

As leader of a recruitment business you’re probably used to hearing your managers complain about their CRM, mainly that it does not support the way they do business. They... Read More

Guy Deterding / 09 November 2016

How Internet Hate Causes Change

The internet is a public medium, it allows everyone a voice, giving a mouthpiece to everyone with a secure Wi-Fi connection. The internet is a ground-breaking interactive marketplace of ideas,... Read More

Ellen Bowers / 21 October 2016

Service Management – A glimpse of tomorrow..

Visionary leadership with respect to Service Management is not about planning for the changes tomorrow but about shaping the day after tomorrow. Service Desks of Tomorrow Service Desks are thought... Read More

David Flacks / 22 August 2016

The Easy Avoidance Of A Very Real Risk

According to Land Registry statistics there are still 4,500 law firms that do conveyancing. It is generally a risky business with clients and referrers demanding a quick response and... Read More

Guise Bule / 29 June 2016