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5 Ways to Use Business Intelligence in Your Company

In recent years, many organisations have been turning to machine learning business intelligence to help further and grow the company. What is Business Intelligence? Business Intelligence (BI) is the process... Read More

Nasstar Marketing / 12 May 2020

Balancing Life Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak is affecting all of us in different ways and everybody’s personal situation is different. However, the one commonality is that many of us have had to... Read More

Charlotte Tobulevicius / 22 April 2020

Corporate Cyber Threats to look out for in 2020

The past 12 months has seen a whirlwind of cyber threat activity. Organisations are struggling to combat a perfect storm of attacks increasing in volume and variety, rigorous compliance requirements... Read More

Steve Brown / 12 December 2019

Working Remotely as a Lawyer

Floods of ‘Biblical proportions’ in South Yorkshire, commuter chaos on autumnal mornings because of the ‘wrong sort of leaves’ on rail tracks, rail-strikes in the run-up to Christmas, and that’... Read More

Charles Christian / 29 November 2019

Windows 7 Support Ends Jan 2020

Windows 7 has been a firm favourite in many organisations since its release in 2009, earning its place as one of the most successful Windows operating systems ever. However, earlier... Read More

Frank Ashworth / 04 November 2019

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is a collective term for the different technologies, processes and controls involved in the protection of our data, programs, devices and networks from online attacks. It relates to... Read More

Lee Savery / 01 November 2019

Cyber Security Month: The Importance of Shared Responsibility

All through October, vendors, non-profits, enterprises and other industry stakeholders held awareness-raising activities designed to improve cybersecurity for both organisations and consumers in collaboration with Cyber Security Awareness Month. These... Read More

Phil Muncaster / 23 October 2019

Get To Know... Paul Atwell - Trainer

“IT wasn’t something I had always wanted to get into, after leaving school I actually wanted to work in a record shop because I loved music, but eventually decided... Read More

Charlotte Tobulevicius / 22 October 2019

What Did We Learn At Microsoft Inspire 2019?

Every year, Microsoft takes up residency in Las Vegas to host Microsoft Inspire – its cross-border partner-to-partner networking event. Held over five days, the event is a chance for thousands of... Read More

Charlotte Tobulevicius / 30 July 2019

Talking Automation with Your Conveyancer

It is estimated by Deloitte that 100,000 legal roles will be automated by 2036 which means it should really be something that’s on your radar. We spoke to... Read More

Charlotte Tobulevicius / 19 July 2019

Data Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

In the modern world, your small business will need more space to store data. Files such as documents, emails, databases, graphics, audio files and spreadsheets are essential to a company.... Read More

Lee Savery / 11 July 2019

How to Create a Strong Password

Advice around making passwords strong is something we should all be used to by now, but many of us are still using passwords which are easy to crack. To add... Read More

Charlotte Tobulevicius / 27 June 2019

Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 has been a firm favourite in many organisations since its release in 2009 and has also been one of the most successful Windows operating systems ever. However, earlier... Read More

Charlotte Tobulevicius / 21 June 2019

Why You Need a Managed Service Provider

The managed services market is big business across the world. According to Statista, it reached $155.91bn worldwide, with a projection of that figure reaching $296.38bn by 2023. With... Read More

Lee Savery / 14 June 2019

Virtual Law Firms

According to a report produced by The Law Society earlier this year, widespread adoption of lawtech and the increasing automation of legal services and processes is set to have a... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 29 May 2019

What Is Software As A Service?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a distribution model whereby a business incorporates a third-party provider into their communication strategy to enable customers to view their product over the internet. When it comes... Read More

Lee Savery / 17 May 2019

Ransomware: A Case Study

The threat landscape is a messy and chaotic beast. Security vendors stop tens of billions of attacks each year and many more slip under the radar. Making sense of it... Read More

Phil Muncaster / 10 May 2019

Get To Know... Alan Hollis - Support Engineer

“My journey with Nasstar began in November 2015 but my career in IT started after I finished my degree in computer science. After university I worked as a technician at... Read More

Charlotte Tobulevicius / 25 April 2019

Why Should Your Business Move To Office 365?

Since its initial release in June 2011, Microsoft Office 365 has grown to become one of the most dominant productivity tools in the business industry today. Cloud-based systems have proven... Read More

Lee Savery / 12 April 2019

Achieving Success Through Innovation

To survive in the competitive recruitment industry, recruitment agencies are embracing innovation across every area of their business; continually moving forward and looking for new ways to deliver better services... Read More

Carrie Morgan / 22 March 2019

The Foundation of a Recruitment Agency's Growth Strategy

Standard working practices in the recruitment industry are changing (see our whitepaper: ‘Culture, Talent and Technology: What differentiates the top performers in the recruitment industry?’); clients are expecting recruiters to... Read More

Carrie Morgan / 15 March 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Cloud Computing

If your new year's resolution for 2019 was to get to grips with Google Drive, deal with Drop Box and conquer the cloud, we’ve got the inside scoop on... Read More

Hollie Coote / 21 February 2019

How To Recover From A Security Breach

No matter how strong your company’s security defences are, no amount of security defence is 100% immune to a breach by a skilled attacker. It is believed that as... Read More

Charlotte Tobulevicius / 01 February 2019

Be More Productive This New Year

January is often a time for reflection and change making. Some of us focus on big lifestyle changes such as getting fit or eating healthier, but for many, being more... Read More

Charlotte Tobulevicius / 04 January 2019

What Is Hosted Desktop & Why Do I Need It?

The term ‘hosted desktop' has been around for a number of years, as has the service it provides, but marrying the two together can sometimes be confusing. If you’re... Read More

Charlotte Tobulevicius / 07 December 2018

Video: What Makes Nasstar Different?

At Nasstar, we are very proud of where we work, the service we provide to our clients and the teams we belong to. We’re a fast-paced, growing company with... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 12 November 2018

Guest Blog: MOD Warning for Law Firms

On the 9th of September I was reading the Sunday Mirror and saw the headline “MOD ‘Loses’ 60 Laptops” followed by “Security fears on military secrets” and “Losing stuff is... Read More

Bill Kirby / 22 October 2018

How To Make Your Digital Workspace A Success

The digital workspace is a solution that enables employees to access the systems and tools they need from any device—smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop—regardless of location. However, when... Read More

Mark Flynn / 16 October 2018

Could AI Be Used To Fuel Cybercrime?

Cybercrime and cyber defence continue to evolve with new technologies and new methodologies. The first and most obvious next step is the integration of AI into cybersecurity. AI technology for... Read More

Mark Flynn / 04 September 2018

The Anti-Hacking Guide – 2018 Edition

In the homes of today, TV’s, kitchen appliances and sound systems can all be connected through our devices, which means they can also be hacked. Make sure to keep... Read More

Hollie Coote / 15 August 2018

Is the Recruitment Sector Ignoring GDPR?

We sat down with Steve Peak, Head of Continual Service Improvement at Nasstar, who (in his own words) is busy developing a worryingly strong interest in GDPR consultancy. Within Nasstar,... Read More

Stephen Peak / 02 July 2018

Cloud in the Legal Sector

There is now a general acceptance across the sector around cloud technologies as more and more firms get ‘comfortable with cloud’. And, as cloud offerings mature, and the legal sector... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 30 May 2018

Innovation in the Legal Sector

A recent report into innovation in the legal sector found that although many firms recognise that technological innovation can help them to differentiate themselves from the competition, many practices are... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 21 May 2018

Technology in the Legal Sector

In PWC’s 2017 Annual Law Firms survey, firms said that one of their top two priorities across Business Support functions was improving the use of technology. And, the focus... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 16 May 2018

How GDPR Impacts Data Management Practices

On May 25th 2018, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became implemented into legislation and this meant that for all those within the IT and data management industry, life... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 30 January 2018

The Twelve Days of Christmas Technology Roundup

From the medical innovations saving lives, to the dangerous cyber-criminals threatening them, take a look at the twelve tech topics that dominated the headlines this year. 1. Revolutionising road trips... Read More

Hollie Coote / 14 December 2017

Your 10 Point Plan for GDPR Readiness

With the deadline to GDPR fast approaching, check out the ten questions every data-driven CEO should be asking. GDPR. It’s the buzzword on everyone’s lips, but are you... Read More

Hollie Coote / 25 October 2017

The GDPR: An Opportunity Not a Curse for Firms

As the countdown to the May 2018 GDPR compliance deadline continues, the headlines are becoming increasingly frantic. There’s just seven months to go before maximum fines of 4% of... Read More

Phil Muncaster / 17 October 2017

Advantages Of Data Centre Outsourcing

Discover why it is best for your business to use a provider with their own Data Centre. There are many advantages of data centre outsourcing for your business. Benefits of... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 12 September 2017