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Not Adopted The Cloud Yet ?

I hear that some of you have still not adopted the cloud yet and it puzzles me. I think it must be because there are a few myths out there... Read More

Guise Bule / 30 June 2016

Do you know your AAS from your Elbow?

If you started a new business tomorrow you wouldn’t spend long thinking about building internal IT capability, you’d go out and buy what you need, as a service... Read More

Guy Deterding / 29 June 2016

Mumtech iPad Review

More and more we are seeing iPads being used in the workplace and I am noticing them at schools and kindergartens being used as teaching aides. The iPad is transforming... Read More

Nasstar Marketing / 29 June 2016

Backups. Out of sight, out of mind?

Most people don’t really think about backups. Until things go wrong and Nick from accounts deletes the payroll database on payday. An angry mob has quickly formed in the... Read More

Adam Wright / 19 June 2016