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Artificial Intelligence In Action

Every decade or so, a new, game-changing technology platform changes the way the world works. From floppy disks to the cloud, fax machine to the iPhone, the technological landscape continuously... Read More

Mark Flynn / 24 September 2018

How To Protect Your Business From Hackers

It doesn't matter how much you spend on great cybersecurity technology, the people within your business are typically the weakest link when it comes to security. It might be an... Read More

Mark Flynn / 15 August 2018

BYOD – The Six-day Monday to Friday Week?

The US research and consultancy firm, Global Market Insights estimates that the bring your own device (BYOD) market will be worth $367 billion by 2022. That’s up from $94... Read More

Howard Smith / 06 August 2018

The Fight Against Cybercrime

In recent months I’ve highlighted how big business and inter-government agencies need to work smarter and collaborate better if they are to successfully fight cybercrime. Therefore, it was good... Read More

Mark Flynn / 31 July 2018

Cybercrime: An International Threat!

This last week has been dominated by news of a big shift in cybercrime, the move away from a single person or small group in one location to cybercriminals forming... Read More

Mark Flynn / 10 July 2018

Supercharge your supplier relationship

When you start work with a new managed IT service provider (or any other outsource supplier for that matter), you’re at the beginning of what should be a long,... Read More

Howard Smith / 12 February 2018

Closing the Gender Gap in the STEM Industry

Over the last decade, it has been reported that the number of women working within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics industry is largely absent, with the level of female... Read More

Lydia Cooper / 15 August 2017

How Does Nasstar Protect Your Services?

Cyber security is not something you can do once and forget about - there’s no shortage of threats out there which can affect all parts of your IT infrastructure:... Read More

Stephen Peak / 02 August 2017

GDPR - The Cost Effective Response

You will have seen endless streams of advice on the coming of GDPR, warning of the huge fines that will be forthcoming if you don’t comply. Many of these... Read More

Guy Deterding / 26 July 2017

Private Equity And The Tech Romance

There is no denying the tech space is the most revolutionary sector in 21st century business and one which is attracting increased investor interest. For a long time private equity... Read More

Tanzeel Akhtar / 02 March 2017

IoT Series: Risks In The Connected Workplace

In the near future, the connected workplace will help companies and their employees thrive by tracking workplace activity, space and equipment utilisation, and individuals’ work habits. Data from connected sensors... Read More

Jonathan Camhi / 26 September 2016

IoT Series : Rise Of The Data-Driven Workplace

A company can have the best product or service, the most efficient operation, and great leadership, but its success often comes down to the routine behaviours of its employees. Day... Read More

Jonathan Camhi / 08 September 2016

Focus on Big Data In Recruitment

Nasstar PLC proudly presents an introduction to big data in the recruitment industry. In this video members of Nasstar's recruitment division discuss how big data is being used in the... Read More

Guise Bule / 15 August 2016

Why Law Firms Must Embrace ‘The Cloud’

There is a huge dichotomy between the typical law firm IT Director struggling to ‘keep the lights on’, commissioning more and more storage as the demand for data grows exponentially... Read More

Nasstar Marketing / 29 June 2016