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In news / By Andy Lewis / 27 March 2019

Nasstar is currently part of a group of established suppliers to the legal industry, called Calico Legal Solutions Group. The group was founded in 2018 and is formed of 12 companies who all offer a different service to law firms.

What is Calico Legal Group?

Calico publishes thought leadership articles written by expert group members, aiming to provide informative content to those working in law firms or legal service organisations. These articles are designed to showcase the depth of expertise on offer from the members, whilst also offering business advice about many of the challenges faced by law firms.

Why did Nasstar join Calico?

Nasstar is one of the founding members of the group, joining right at the start of the initiative. We made the decision to join Calico because we wanted to partner with a group where we would have the opportunity to collaborate with others, while also being able to actively participate in topical group discussions and provide informative content to the legal industry.

It is important for us to be able to write our own content and offer our own perspective on a variety of subjects and so this was another deciding factor when choosing to partner with Calico. Becoming established as a thought leader in the industry is something which is very beneficial to us, as is being seen as a trusted partner by other Calico members.

What are the Benefits of Calico?

The model is also very different to any other partner solution groups out there. As a collaborative group of professionals, we make the decisions together and express ideas and opinions which can influence the direction of the initiative.

The collaborative element of the group is also great for our law firm clients. Each member provides a different offering to the legal industry, which means we can actively suggest and recommend trusted suppliers of a range of services to our own clients. For example; although our clients are using us for their hosted desktop solution, they may express a need for a document writing outsourcer - we could then recommend someone to them through our relationship with a trusted supplier and member of Calico.

By working closely with the other members, we can keep each other up to date on the latest news in the industry and initiatives being carried out by other law firms. This is great for business because we can then use this information to suggest ideas to our own clients, thus adding value to the service we already provide.

What are the Future Plans for Calico?

The group is now in year two, which is an exciting time for everyone involved and moving forward, we will be looking to partner with some of our clients to work on articles and case studies. The idea behind this is to give readers of Calico content a fresh perspective on topical issues which may affect them. It’s also a great opportunity for law firms to get their own thought leadership content out there through our channels, and therefore be seen as the experts in their field.

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Andy Lewis

Andy Lewis

Business Development Manager for Nasstar.

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