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4 Ways Office 365 Will Change The Way You Work

In insight / By Ellen Bowers / 31 October 2016

Most people’s eyes will cloud over or their brows will furrow when you mention the phrase ‘IT solutions’, as for many businesses having an in-house IT solution that fits everyone’s needs is costly, complex and inefficient.

Keeping your employees happy is always an uphill struggle especially when it comes to IT, there will always be someone grumbling about a printer that never works or emails that lag. So how do you do the impossible and find a solution that will keep everyone happy?

We have the answer; Office 365 offers a wide variety of tools, from Outlook email to video conferencing that enables you and your business to go above and beyond the ordinary. Office 365 offers everything that you need in one need handy package that will hopefully keep a smile on everyone’s face. We’ve come up a few ways that using Office 365 will change the way that you work.

Designed for Teamwork

Collaboration is key for Office 365 and it is built to encourage and support team’s need to collaborate. Office’s ethos goes against the idea the ‘too many cooks’ is a bad thing and instead sees the potential in collaboration. Office offers the function ‘Groups’, which helps teams to work better together. The groups function, allows the sharing of email and calendar information, so you can stay in the loop of everyone’s schedule. Groups also allows you to form ad hoc groups so if you have members of different departments working on a project – this is an ideal solution. Although regular Outlook allows you to share calendars where ‘Groups’ has the upper hand is efficiency, gone are the unnecessary steps that Outlook require. The ‘Groups’ main aim is to simplify collaboration and streamline the process, hopefully resulting in less tension within the office.
One main cause for concern while collaborating in co-authoring. Co-authoring documents can be a cause for frustration, Office 365 tries to ease these difficulties, you can work on documents on a variety of platforms collaboratively also see your colleagues working in real-time and view their edits as and when they make them – which is always useful.
To even further their focus on collaboration Office 365 enables a Skype in-app integration which allows you to instant message right in your documents, so there’s no longer the need to switch windows to double check the figures on page 3.

Safe & Secure

Office 365 is used by millions of people every day by businesses large and small, Microsoft understands that security is key for business success, so keeping their customers safe and secure is of huge importance to them. IT solutions have always had the difficulty of trying to provide users with a great experience and making sure your data is safe and Office 365 balances these two elements extremely well. One question that constantly arises around the use of Office 365 is ‘who can access my data other than me’ Microsoft are very transparent about where your data is stored and who has access it to put their customer’s minds at ease, they have enabled extensive privacy controls to ensure complete security.

Microsoft state that your Office 365 data belongs to you, and therefore you alone have complete control, and if you decide to leave the service, you can take your data with you without any difficulty. Microsoft also takes a safe approach when it comes to advertising, one concern of using a cloud-based service is that many cloud providers will mine your data for advertising purposes to target ads, however this isn’t something you’ll have to worry about with Office 365, reiterating Mircosoft’s statement that your data belongs to you, and you alone.

Flexibility – Office Now Works For You

Office 365 is tailored to your needs allowing increased flexibility, users can choose to use Office apps in a full cloud environment, on-premises only, or in a hybrid environment. Because of moving to Office 365 Wiltshire council has reduced its IT budget by 27%. The implementation of Office 365 has even gone so far as to reduce the Council’s carbon footprint, as the introduction of Lync has eliminated the need for traveling across the country for meetings. Office 365 encourages a paper-less environment that the modern workplace strives to emulate.

Andy Spurway, Head of Service Delivery at Wiltshire Council said: “The Microsoft technologies have allowed Wiltshire Council to become a fully agile business and has underpinned our drive to collaborate with partners.”

Mobility – The Best For Those On The Go

Office 365 allows increased mobility for its users, the necessity to be confined to the office to complete your work has vanished with the introduction of anywhere, anytime access. Using Office 365 you can access applications from any location, using any device allowing you to make use of any lost time spent traveling.

Skype for Business, allows for immediate and personal way for colleagues to communicate, so even if you are working remotely you’re never left out of the loop. While using Office 365 you have instant access to any ongoing updates, this means you’ll always have the latest versions at your fingertips without having to wait, this allows you to free up your time from dealing with frustrating IT admin.

Tens of thousands of customers have chosen Office 365 as their chosen platform, and it is easy to see why. Companies have found that switching to Office 365 has boosted staff connection which is essential in driving a high performing culture, it is a fantastic remedy to IT frustration.

Ellen Bowers

Ellen Bowers

Ellen is a freelancer writers for various British technology companies, she writes regularly for The Nasstarian on a wide range of subjects.

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