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Not Adopted The Cloud Yet ?

In etc / By Guise Bule / 30 June 2016

I hear that some of you have still not adopted the cloud yet and it puzzles me.

I think it must be because there are a few myths out there stopping some of you, I want to address these myths here in this post, somebody needs to tell you what's what and for my sins, it once again falls upon me to do it.

In 2016 it is completely clear that businesses who adopt cloud computing can lower their IT costs and increase the reliability of their applications and databases, the reason why the majority of businesses have already adopted.

So whats stopping you ?

After what sometimes feels like a lifetime spent in cloud computing, I can hazard a few guesses and I am going to try and argue why you are wrong and why you should adopt the cloud, I am in cloud marketing so I think I know it all.

Perpetual monthly cloud hosting payments can get expensive.

Its true that you have to pay a monthly fee per user with cloud services and its also true that you need to keep on paying that monthly fee to keep using the service, but thats no reason at all not to do adopt the cloud.

Unlike onsite IT, cloud hosted services don’t require you to purchase a great deal of hardware or employ any on-premise IT personnel.

Traditional onsite IT is fraught with unexpected costs, hardware fails, you get attacked by cyber criminals or malware, things need technically supporting when things go wrong and that can get expensive too.

Traditional IT so expensive to maintain, so expensive to manage properly and so expensive to keep upgrading every five years when trapped in the hardware replacement lifecycle that it doesn't make any sense to me to keep it on-site.

Cloud hosted services can fix your IT costs, reducing them into fixed monthly payments, making them financially manageable and predictable.

Stop using perpetual monthly payments as a reason not to adopt the cloud, its much more expensive to run your own IT infrastructure over the long term and you are unable to achieve cost efficiencies of scale that cloud providers do.

IT personnel are scared of losing their jobs.

The reason that IT personnel expect to be replaced by cloud computing is because the cloud can automate many of the tasks currently performed manually by IT workers and while that may be convenient at first, its a long term threat.

Rumor has it that sometimes IT workers managing cloud migrations sometimes wonder "what do I do after I migrate and automate everything", the rumor has it that they sometimes even sabotage projects because of it.

To me it doesn’t make a lot of sense for IT personnel to work against cloud computing solutions because they are scared of losing their jobs to automation.

Cloud infrastructures are more scalable and easier to manage than traditional on-site IT and they reward IT personnel with the time to focus on more strategic and creative projects instead of just maintaining their IT infrastructure.

The costs of cloud computing are offset and exceeded by the value they bring to a business, and IT personnel, instead of losing their jobs to cloud computing, become a more important asset to their employers than before as they are freed up to use their experience and expert knowledge in more strategic ways.

Businesses are worried about cloud security.

There is a recurring myth doing the rounds that I keep hearing again and again, its the idea that cloud computing is not as secure as an onsite IT infrastructure.

The perception that the cloud is less secure than onsite IT is rooted in the fact that with the cloud different customers are stored on the same servers, what is known as a multi-tenancy environment, people do not like the idea of it.

This thinking is flawed, in a properly built multi-tenant environment, one group of users are not able to access any of the other groups environments that happen to live on the same cloud, so multi-tenancy has no impact on its overall security.

The other concern that many have about the security of the cloud is that they assume that the act of handing over their data to a third party is inherently risky.

But this is only the case if you select a bad hosting provider who doesn't have operating procedures and processes that are audited by independent 3rd parties passing through the ISO 27001 security standard certification process, which specifically focuses on security and the availability of customer data.

Not everyone thinks that cloud computing is insecure.

Many small business owners have told me that they are using cloud services because they were more secure than anything they could have deployed onsite, a lot also said that the availability of the cloud was something that their onsite IT infrastructure could never match and I would agree with them.

The reasons why most businesses decide not to switch to a cloud infrastructure, be it cost, fear of losing their jobs or security are understandable, but they aren’t legitimate reasons to avoid a technology with so many clear benefits.

So if you have not already adopted cloud computing then you should, just make sure that you choose a good hosting provider and here you are in luck.

I just so happen to be the group CMO of one of the largest hosted services providers in the UK, we are publicly listed on the London stock exchange with multiple subsidiaries in the UK and points of presence in the US and Asia.

After a decade in business, we retain our customers for long periods of time because we are good at what we do and spread across our group, we have some of the most experienced and accredited technical specialists in the country.

Our operating procedures and processes are audited by independent 3rd parties and pass through the ISO 27001 security standard certification process, which specifically focuses on security and the availability of customer data.

Our customers include some of the largest law firms in the country and we operate within the tightly regulated financial service and government sectors.

As a Microsoft Gold hosting partner and a G-Cloud government certified solutions provider, we are the leading hosted services provider in the UK.

We have different divisions focused on four key verticals, finance, legal, recruitment and government. We speak your language.

If you are looking for a good cloud provider, you can do a lot worse than !

Guise Bule

Guise Bule

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