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No One Is Delivering True Hybrid Cloud…But We Are

In insight / By Lydia Cooper / 19 June 2017

Everyone is talking about hybrid cloud delivery, but who is actually delivering true hybrid cloud solutions that seamlessly integrate public and private cloud environments with your software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, such as LinkedIn and Bullhorn?

Most hybrid cloud integrators and providers stop at the infrastructure level. They might integrate a public cloud solution such as Amazon Web Services with on-premise hardware - but that’s just one small part of the cloud integration challenge. It doesn’t take into account your wider IT environment across applications and end user devices.

Consuming infrastructure-as-a-service solutions from the public cloud still requires an onsite IT team to manage the environment and application delivery. It’s not the easy option that many cloud providers claim it to be.

A hybrid solution for the recruitment sector

In the recruitment sector, with employee churn relatively high compared to rates in other industries, it’s important that IT solutions allow for data to be both locked down (to prevent it being shared outside of the organisation), and at the same time flexible enough for staff to access data to do their jobs more efficiently.

There are so many software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that recruitment agencies can take advantage of to make their jobs easier, across social media tools, profiling services and candidate management apps, but many agencies don’t utilise the full benefits of these solutions due to the inherent security risks. Added to this, is the jeopardy that staff may leave and take all of the agency’s data or that employees could lose devices holding confidential information.

That’s why recruitment agencies are moving to Nasstar for a safer and more efficient way to deliver true hybrid IT and cloud services. It’s very difficult for many agencies to protect data effectively when delivering IT in-house – many teams just don’t have the time to keep up to date on security training like our engineers do.

That’s why we focus on supporting the end user, not just IT. We deliver hybrid services to end users, not just hybrid IT services. This marks a shift in how providers think about cloud delivery – it’s now about delivering the entire, integrated solution to end users so that they can access everything they need, in a way that is flexible and tailored to their job role.

To do this, we deliver a recruiter’s entire workspace on demand – across their Windows desktop, applications, data and public cloud services such as LinkedIn and cloud CRM systems. We pull all services together through one centrally-accessed portal for added security and control, built on enterprise HPE servers and storage technology. This enables better collaboration and more effective use of the latest technologies available across the recruitment sector, without the worry of putting data and systems into an unsecured environment.

Nasstar hosts these hybrid services within our enterprise UK datacentres, integrating private hosting with external public cloud services to provide feature rich SaaS apps, accessed through the desktop like a traditional local application. We start by putting the client’s Active Directory into the cloud, under which we can then deliver cloud services and SaaS applications. We then integrate general infrastructure resource, on-premise IT and cloud apps such as Salesforce and Bullhorn.

Nasstar’s hybrid solution means that agencies can give staff access to their entire digital workspace, across cloud apps, in-house applications and IT, using one central username and password. The service is managed centrally by Nasstar so that agencies can let staff use personal devices to access data and apps, without the worry that information could be copied, lost or shared inappropriately.

As we mentioned in one of our recent blogs, the flow of information across the recruitment sector is now much more open, so recruiters have to protect their data whilst also making it open and available so that staff have more flexibility in how they work; whether that’s accessing information when traveling to a client’s site, or contacting candidates outside of business hours. Centralising the management of cloud apps and integrating with local application delivery under one login helps agencies to better manage their data, especially with the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in May 2018 to ensure that sensitive candidate data is well protected.

Bringing IT services together in a secure workspace is a more efficient and safer way to deliver end user services to staff; keeping data centralised yet accessible. And if a staff member leaves, our teams can manage the transition centrally and turn off access to systems for particular users.

We have the expertise to deliver this service, tailored to the recruitment sector. Following our acquisition of the UK’s leading IT services provider to the recruitment sector, Kamanchi (now known as Nasstar For Recruitment), Nasstar has the deep industry expertise and knowledge required to deliver an end to end solution, from the user to the application and underlying infrastructure.

We’re unique in delivering this joined-up service: Nasstar doesn’t just talk about hybrid IT – we genuinely deliver it.

And we don’t just provide this hybrid service to recruiters – we can build solutions for any industry that needs to bring all of its applications, resources and cloud services together under one central solution.

Find out more about how we deliver deep industry IT expertise to the recruitment sector:

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Lydia Cooper

Lydia Cooper

Group Marketing Manager at Nasstar.

Telford, Shropshire
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