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New Year, New Technology?

In opinion / By Lydia Cooper / 11 January 2019

For most of us, Christmas is now a distant memory and we’re well and truly back into the swing of things at work. January is often a time for reflection and planning, a time when most of us return to work bursting with fresh ideas and new enthusiasms.

When it comes to success, we’re all guilty of thinking that new “stuff” is the key. We often take on the mindset that the only thing holding us back is what we don’t have. This can be demonstrated most clearly when it comes to our personal hobbies, particularly at this time of year when many of us are embracing a ‘new year, new me’ approach. Buying the latest trainers isn’t suddenly going to turn you into a sprinter; the same kind of mentality is also evident in the world of business.

Purchasing the latest new shiny tool, whatever it may be, can all too often turn out to be a distraction away from and sometimes at the expense of strategy and business development. This new year, instead of focusing on the tools your business doesn’t have, take stock of what systems you are utilising daily and ask yourself - are these systems fit to support your future business plans?

Chances are they are; however, they may not currently be fully utilised and therefore it might feel like they are falling short of the mark. Or perhaps they need integrating with other systems or bespoke customisation and configuration to support the unique objectives of your business.

While there are many new technology and software solutions entering the market now, the ability to share data between new web-based solutions with traditional back-office applications has not been fully realised. The value in many of these new solutions is often in integrating data from these tools with existing data sets to enable more informed decision-making about potential markets to target, how to best align resources and how to achieve better candidate and client fit.

As well as delivering hosted IT services, Nasstar also has a highly experienced application support and professional services team on hand to help clients get the most out of their business systems. Our dedicated team of specialists provide customers with extended support for key business applications, CRMs and databases, allowing us to provide a single point of contact for both IT and application issues and requests alike. Such expertise comes from years of experience in using, supporting, maintaining, configuring and customising applications, integrations and databases and therefore the team has a unique view of how things work.

For example, today’s recruitment agency needs to look at how data can be harmonised into one central portal, integrated seamlessly and available to interrogate for more informed decision-making. Nasstar has supported a number of agencies with pulling together all of their applications so that data can be securely shared, enabling them to capitalise on newer tools and applications in a secure and managed way.

Nasstar doesn’t just offer technology solutions – we deliver Innovation-as-a-Service to our clients; acting as their outsourced innovation experts to help guide them strategically when it comes to understanding how technology can elevate their business, turning them into the top performers in their industry.

Lydia Cooper

Lydia Cooper

Group Marketing Manager at Nasstar PLC.

Telford, Shropshire
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