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Nasstar's Talent Management Drive Shifts Up a Gear

In news / By Lydia Cooper / 22 October 2018

At Nasstar, we recognise that the management of talent is a significant contributor to the success and health of the business. The competitive landscape for attracting technical skills is more challenging than ever and, as a result, further investment has been made into our training and development strategy, health and wellbeing strategy, employee engagement techniques and apprenticeship programmes.

These investments are designed to help attract and retain the best talent in the industry and are part of “Nasstar 10-19” strategic initiative around talent management. The “10-19” programme was established in 2016, the business is currently 10 months into a critical second year of our three-year strategic plan. A list of new priorities were set at the start of 2018 and it’s extremely pleasing to report positive progress as a result.

A key objective around talent management saw an investment in additional HR resource focused on talent management in the form of Wendy MacDonald, Nasstar’s new Talent Acquisition Lead. Wendy’s role is focused on recruitment and all processes, procedures, and support that go with it. Wendy has a wealth of recruitment experience and expertise which she is bringing to bear on developing for the future of Nasstar as an employer of choice.

As Nasstar’s largest and often busiest team, the Service Desk has been a big focus for Wendy since joining the team. I’m delighted to say that there’s been recent success both in terms of internal promotions and external recruits in the team. Here’s an overview of the changes to the team.

Firstly, after much interviewing Service Desk Manager, Ben Topping was delighted to announce that Julian Green will replace Phil Smith as 2nd Line Team Leader after Phil’s promotion to Technical Engineer and consequent move to the infrastructure team. Julian has been working extremely hard on developing his leadership skills in recent months and fully deserves this promotion.

Elsewhere in the team, John Molloy and Connor Silman in 1st line have both been successful in their applications for 2nd Line Support. John and Connor have both worked very hard in recent months on developing their technical skills whilst maintaining their strong customer service skills and will be welcome additions to the team.

In addition to internal promotions, we also have a number of new faces joining the 1st Line team. Welcome to the team Jahmall Payne, Brett Tillett, and Rob George!

A huge well done to team leaders Dean Howard, Liam Rogers and Richard Lee-Williams for working incredibly hard in aiding the development of these engineers and working admirably on the recruitment process enabling us to continue to tap into our current crop of superstars to move their careers forward and equally locate and bring on board our next set of superstars. Well done team!

Finally, all this wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of Wendy in rebuilding the recruitment process, saving the team dozens of hours of work and providing much-needed support through this very large recruitment drive.

Congratulations to all those who have received well-deserved promotions and welcome to all those new team members, we hope you enjoy a long and successful career at Nasstar!

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Lydia Cooper

Lydia Cooper

Group Marketing Manager at Nasstar.

Telford, Shropshire
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