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Nasstar Talks Prevention and Detection to LPM Magazine

In insight / By Lydia Cooper / 19 March 2018

There are steps that firms can take to secure their data, whether staff are in the office or on the go. Nigel Redwood, CEO at Nasstar tells LPM how firms can leverage technology to tightly bolt their digital gates.

Cybercriminals are finding ever more sophisticated ways of stealing money and sensitive information from increasingly digital businesses. Their tenacity is unlikely to slow down because as their methods improve so does their capture rate - and, unlike other illicit activities, the chance of eventual capture and punishment is relatively low.

Nigel comments: "As a managed IT provider, we spend a lot of money making sure that our perimeter is secured and our technical skills continually evolve to ensure we can. We use AI tools to look for anomalies in behaviour in the user base as well as internally, which will allow us to stop internal threats from creating a security breach."

To read the full interview with Nigel click here.

Lydia Cooper

Lydia Cooper

Group Marketing Manager at Nasstar.

Telford, Shropshire
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