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Nasstar PLC's CEO Explains Annual Results

In news / By Nasstar Marketing / 12 April 2016

Following the release of Nasstar plc's results, CEO Nigel Redwood talks to Proactive Investors about what the results mean for the future of the business.

Nasstar plc increased its adjusted pre-tax profit in 2015 and this is thanks to the benefits of integrating acquisitions according to Chief Executive Nigel Redwood.

Nigel explains to Proactive Investors that Nasstar is cautious not to make acquisitions for growth alone and seeks key strategic justifications. Its most recent acquisition, VESK, in late 2015, the company found several benefits.

As well as providing valuable additional resource and a broader geographical reach (with data centres in Singapore as well as London), the acquisition brings both market synergy and opportunity, with consolidation in the legal and logistics sectors and huge potential across the public sector, due to VESK’s G-Cloud accreditation.

The highly regarded skills base within VESK and its track record in service delivery in Asia further strengthens the Group’s capabilities and capacity, while VESK clients in turn benefit from the broader product portfolio now open to them.

But organic growth is also important to the future of the business. “Hence, in 2016 we are putting a lot of investment into sales and marketing. To re-launch under one umbrella brand name which will be Nasstar,” explains Nigel.

Watch the full video below:

Nasstar Marketing

Nasstar Marketing

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