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Nasstar's Interim Results

In news / By Katy Flannery / 25 September 2018

Nasstar releases a very positive set of interim results and is perfectly positioned and better structured to deliver projects of increased complexity and size.

CEO, Nigel Redwood, talks to Directors Talk about its latest interim results for the 6 months ended 30 June 2018. Nigel talks through the highlights, explains how Nasstar will continue to drive growth, updates on the Nasstar ’10-19’ project, how investing in engineering resources will help and how they view the future of the company.

CEO Nigel Redwood talks to DirectorsTalk

Nigel describes how 2018 saw the first year operating under a new organisational structure and how combined with three large projects has really tested the team, which he is delighted to say has responded to the challenge.

Nasstar have invested in the technical delivery teams to increase projects throughout whilst continuing to focus on the ‘Nasstar 2019’ strategic initiatives and are currently in year two of their three-year plan to achieve full integration and consolidation and continue to be confident in the ‘Nasstar 10-19’ objectives.

Nigel has worked closely with the new business team to develop a sales pipeline that continues to include deals of a larger size and believes that Nasstar is perfectly positioned and better structured to deliver on projects of increased complexity and size.

Nasstar’s ultimate goal is to come out of the three-year plan truly as one organisation and therefore placing Nasstar in a unique position within the market as one of the leading providers of managed hosted IT.

Nasstar PLC is one of the UK’s leading managed IT service providers. They deliver bespoke clouds, professional services, managed IT and a range of technical products to organisations operating within key strategic industry sectors.

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Katy Flannery

Katy Flannery

Marketing Executive for Nasstar.

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