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CEO Presents: Nasstar PLC's 2016 First Half Results

In news, video / By Guise Bule / 15 September 2016

As part of our ongoing 'CEO Presents' series, we are proud to present our CEO, Nigel Redwood, speaking with StockTube's Sarah Lowther on the subject of our impressive first half results and how we went about achieving them.

In short:

1) We saw a 22% Increase In Revenue Growth.
2) We saw a 14% Increase in Adjusted EBITDA.
3) An improved net debt position.

So what did we do that was new? Our CEO goes on to explain that we have really only just begun to bring our acquisitions together in terms of branding, marketing and sales, only just begun to maximize the best bits of each acquisition and the results we are seeing right now are the initial positive signs that our strategy is working.

Nigel gives a good example of this by using VESK to illustrate his point, VESK brought with them UK government G-Cloud certification which enables us as a group to sell into the hugely lucrative local and national government markets.

We see the G-Cloud government procurement framework as a rapidly growing market for managed cloud services, the VESK acquisition gave us an established inroad into that market.

Nigel goes on to talk about the synergies we have realized through the integration of the VESK technical team with our own core technical team, synergies which allow us to do more with less as we pool our collective technical resources.

Then Sarah and Nigel go on to talk about the more recent Modrus acquisition and the synergies we expect to realise over the mid term.

Modrus was larger than our previous acquisitions, it takes us into a number of new vertical markets that we will not begin to proactively market and sell into as a group, leveraging Team Modrus's products, knowledge and experience.

There is however a much larger opportunity in terms of technical consolidation and services consolidation that we can really take advantage of over the next 12 month period.

That for us beautifully sums up our immediate focus over the short and mid term, bringing together the businesses we have bought and getting the most out of them, strengthening the group as a whole.

Please do watch the video if you want to hear Nigel speak directly about all of these issues with Sarah and Stocktube, if you do have any questions please do not hesitate to ask them below in our comments section.

Guise Bule

Guise Bule

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