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Mumtech iPad Review

In etc / By Nasstar Marketing / 29 June 2016

More and more we are seeing iPads being used in the workplace and I am noticing them at schools and kindergartens being used as teaching aides.

The iPad is transforming the way we teach and learn.

It’s a perfect companion for children who want to learn and a must for anyone that wants to create impressive presentations and spreadsheets with the amazing apps that are available.

As well as its portability and ease of use, the iPad is a great solution for gaming especially with its 10 hours of battery life.

Maybe gaming is not for you, maybe you like to read...

Well the iPad does have an eReader app.

According to research, the iBooks app is one of the best eReaders on the market, it allows you to flip pages like a real book – You feel like you’re accomplishing something each time you turn each page.

It also supports Amazon Kindle books, with a free Kindle reader available in the App Store. The list goes on, and so I thought that I should write up a review of the iPad based on my experiences.

But as this is Mumtec, my little one who is nearly 16 months old is going to help with the review, she will be focusing on the user experience part of our review and the iPad will be very useful.

It will hopefully teach her some new skills and maybe even distract her for at least 10 minutes so I can write this article.

Yes, that is correct, this is a review of my 16 month old using the iPad.

For this review we are using an iPad and an application called The Gingerbread Man from, a sing and read app.

My little one is absolutely in to everything. She sees it, she wants it. Especially if it is not one of her toys and the iPad definitely isn’t, however we do see it’s potential.

Every word that CJ sings is highlighted in real time which helps children learn to read and recognise vocabulary.

My daughter seems fascinated with touch screen devices, when her dad leaves his iPhone lying around, she is straight on it and swiping!

She likes to talk to Siri, She will put the mobile up against her cheek and say ‘hi’. She sounds so cute. It’s amazing how a child so young knows what to do with a mobile phone.

Especially nowadays, when we don’t talk much on the phone and it’s all about instant messaging and video chat, I wonder if she will ever know what it’s like to wait for a phone call or sit on a conference call.

But anyway, let’s get back on track!

The iPad is great for child friendly apps.

We chose the ‘The Gingerbread Man’ app from, she liked the way the icon looked. Unfortunately, when she gets too excited and starts to pat the screen, the app disappears and the home screen reappears, a bit of a design fault if you have a swipe happy little one like mine.

She quickly got the hang of the app. she loves singing along to the songs in her own little unique way – very entertaining.

The app is excellent because it engages the child with the hipp music, clever and familiar lyrics and pitch-perfect illustrations. What more could a child ask for.

It is also great for parents because it keeps their little ones entertained. Well, for a short period of time anyway.

In conclusion, perhaps the iPad is not quite suitable for a toddler, maybe she will just have to have a Vtech Innotab for now.

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Nasstar Marketing

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