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How to win the fight to grow your recruitment business

In / By Mark Flynn / 05 November 2018

I met with an exciting, dynamic international recruitment business six months ago, with plans to be the global leader in their specialist sector.

The business owner's dream is to be able to log in each morning and from a single screen, see every sales consultant across their business, their call volumes, the deals that are closing out and their magic numbers e.g. what is your ratio of jobs to CVs sent, CVs sent to interviews and interviews to placements ratios.

In reality, they are way off that dream, manually producing weekly management spreadsheets, which take the office manager many hours to create.

With this dream way of working, they'd have a greater chance of quickly deciding if a new sales consultant, new UK or international office were going to work out or not and if not quickly remedy the situation.

Building these transformational solutions that empower recruitment leaders to make better business decisions based on facts and evidence rather than gut feelings is what Nasstar is all about.

So let's look at how we make this happen.

I'm sure you all have the systems in place (CRM, website, phones etc) that you need to support your ambitions but we often find that you'll have no or limited integration between these systems and no strong reporting engine sitting on top of them. As a result, we often find recruitment agencies experiencing some of the following bad habits and frustrations.

We often find that when a sales consultant gets a job in, they will post it on the job boards, your website and LinkedIn but will not load it into CRM because that is admin and "I'll come back to it later"!!!

Sometimes they don't even load the job in CRM until they've placed somebody. Because to them loading the job into CRM while getting the job out to the job boards, LinkedIn and on WhatsApp is pure admin. With these habits ingrained it becomes impossible to determine your "time to fill".

Another typical frustration due to a lack of integration between your CRM system and website is if you post a job on your website, you get 10 candidates responding in the first day, so you put a couple of CVs forward to your client, the client comes back and books an interview with one of the potential candidates. However, as the week progresses, you get more and more applications in but the client doesn't want to see any more candidates. So those candidates never end up back in your database because, again to your consultant, this is an admin burden. This really is a missed opportunity because these candidates might be suitable for other sales consultants to put forward to their clients.

Precisely the same necessity for integration applies to your telephony system, be it you use Fuse, Mitel, 8x8, Gamma, S4B, all these systems should be integrated with your CRM.

Let's say your sales person tells you that they made ten calls today each lasting an hour, which they've logged in CRM. Alternatively, you could use tools such as Nasstar's Interact product which on a real-time basis is monitoring the duration of all calls and in this example Interact would confirm, yes the sales consultant made those ten calls, but actually, they each only lasted 5 minutes.

So by integrating your CRM and telephony system, you are getting the correct version of the truth and it is this data that feeds your dashboard.

So with this high degree of integration, using your dashboard on a daily basis, you'll be able to analyse:

  1. Which sales consultant(s) or branch office is not following best practice and is, therefore, more likely to fail.

  2. The magic numbers of one of your more experienced successful consultants compared with your newbie and identify that the newbie has to make an additional 50 cold calls to new clients per week starting right now if they are going to hit their placement target in 3 months.

  3. Why has sales consultant x got great stats but not bringing in the money.

  4. Why sales consultant y is not following "best practice" but smashing their target.

  5. Identify the one little tweak that will enable a consultant to deliver an extra £10k per month.

So if you want to log in each morning and from a single screen, see every sales consultant across their business, their call volumes, the deals that are closing out and your magic numbers then you need to get everything centred around your CRM.

Only with your CRM database acting as the single source of the truth, a common set of workflows being used across the whole business and your consultants fully engaged with your CRM system, will you have the power to drive your business forward and deliver on your growth ambitions for the firm.

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Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn is Head of Sales for Nasstar. Mark has wealth of knowledge & experience within the IT industry & plays an instrumental part in defining our long-term sales & go to market strategies.

London, England
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