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How Does Nasstar Protect Your Services?

In analysis / By Stephen Peak / 02 August 2017

Cyber security is not something you can do once and forget about - there’s no shortage of threats out there which can affect all parts of your IT infrastructure: end point, network, servers and the cloud.

As a managed IT services provider, Nasstar is constantly reviewing its security posture based on the current and predicted threat landscape to ensure clients are protected from threats.

Nasstar has many layers of security protecting its hosted platforms but it is crucial that its clients creates a cyber savvy culture within their organisation. That comes from the top down, and it spreads via effective training and regular updates to ensure best practice is always front of mind for staff.

That’s why as a managed service provider, Nasstar puts a major focus on education and training – of our own staff and those of our clients, in things like Cyber Essentials. Security is present at every layer of our organisation, and it can be in yours too.

For more information read our short guide on the ways that Nasstar protects customer services.

Stephen Peak

Stephen Peak

Stephen Peak is Head of Continual Service Improvement for Nasstar. Steve ensures Nasstar's solutions, staff and clients are consistently compliant with regulations.

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