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Get To Know... Paul Atwell - Trainer

In insight / By Charlotte Tobulevicius / 22 October 2019

“IT wasn’t something I had always wanted to get into, after leaving school I actually wanted to work in a record shop because I loved music, but eventually decided it would be best to go to college to study programming. After qualifying as a programmer, I worked in this role for a number of years before entering the world of training, and eventually became a self-employed IT trainer.

Working at Nasstar

My journey with Nasstar began in 2015 when I moved to Telford and joined the company as a temporary support engineer. I had planned to keep looking for other permanent roles whilst I was here, however Nasstar had other ideas and I became a permanent employee in 2016 as a 1st line engineer.

My first impression of Nasstar when I joined was “wow, this is busy!” which is still the case but there are now more employees on hand to deal with the rising number of calls and projects being worked on.

As I continued in my role as 1st line engineer, I started to query why there wasn’t a great deal of training going on for support staff and by November 2016 I had carved a niche for myself, becoming the first IT Trainer at Nasstar.

My role is very different to that of others in the company, largely due to the fact that I am the only trainer here. Every day at Nasstar is different but my responsibilities don’t change too drastically, which is good for me as it means I can really focus on what needs to be done and how I can improve things. I’m currently responsible for organising training schedules, providing technical background and customer base training, as well as giving an overview of the business and its departments to new starters. However, I am going to be doing some more client training in the near future to ensure our solutions are being used to their full potential.

Since joining the company four years ago I have undertaken some training courses to help develop my knowledge and skill set. I have been on a service desk course which was designed to help me better understand solutions and relatable techniques which I now use when training new hires. I have also been on a team leader course which, although I have no team to lead, provided me with a number of transferable skills.

Nasstar has been on a huge journey of growth and this has therefore resulted in growing staff numbers, especially at the Telford office. My one improvement for the company would be to obtain a larger office with more parking spaces, but I think this is already something the business is looking into and is evidently a good problem to have! However, every cloud has a silver lining and I now actually walk to work everyday due to the limited amount of parking available, great for getting my steps in!

My main love is music and when I’m not at work you’ll often find me playing in bands across Shropshire. Music has always been a big part of my life and I’m fortunate enough to have learnt to play, through self-tuition, a variety of instruments including guitar, bass and piano; with my current challenge being mastering the drums. I used to enjoy taking part in amateur dramatics and was previously a semi-professional actor, appearing in murder mysteries at weekends.

If I wasn’t working at Nasstar, my dream job would be something in the music industry, perhaps a session musician. Although I can play a number of instruments, I can’t actually read music and so I learn through listening and just giving it a go. Although I’m not sure session musicians learn this way!

My nickname is ‘smiley Paul’ and so three words that I think my friends would describe me as would be cheerful, smiley and optimistic. I’m definitely someone who looks at the glass as half full as opposed to half empty and like to think that this reflects as much in my work as it does in my personal life.

Expanding and growing the training department at Nasstar is a personal goal of mine and in five years’ time I like to think I’ll still be here, having grown the team and offering training as a service to our customers, as well as continuing to train in-house staff.

Although I’ve not been at Nasstar as long as some of the other employees, I’ve still seen my fair share of change. With the reverse takeover in 2016, everyone’s role changed, and this had a huge impact on the business in terms of increasing in size. The 10-19 goal of consolidating our processes has really helped to improve the company, especially when it comes to communication across our offices.

Starting a New Job: Advice

I’m always meeting new people when they join Nasstar and the advice I always give them is to love the job you do and bring passion to the role. This will pay off in spades and will really make the difference to both your colleagues and clients. When I look at teams across the business, it’s warming to see so many of my colleagues showing passion for what they do and showing our customers that we genuinely care and want the best for them. I also think it’s important for staff to smile when they answer the phone, although they can’t be seen, smiles can often be heard in the tone of someone’s voice.

I thoroughly enjoy working at Nasstar and I think my favourite thing about working here is the friendliness of the staff and family-orientated culture that is so evident across all of the offices. The company is very understanding of individual situations and is flexible when it comes to the needs of a person, something which I think is very important in this day and age.

Nasstar really is a great place to work and grow, so if you’re interested in working here and have tonnes of enthusiasm to match, get in touch!”

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Charlotte Tobulevicius

Charlotte Tobulevicius

Charlotte Tobulevicius is a Marketing Executive at Nasstar and has over four years experience writing content for a variety of clients in a number of verticals.

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