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Get To Know... Matt Wellings - Technical Team Leader (Infrastructure)

In insight / By Charlotte Tobulevicius / 23 August 2019

“Before joining Nasstar in 2012 I was a self-taught Motorcycle Mechanic, working at Allbikes Allspares in Wolverhampton. I got to a point where I thought I needed a ‘proper career’ and at the time, my mum was working at Nasstar and suggested I apply for the Support Administrator role that was being advertised. I thought why not and went for it. This was my first role at the company and I haven’t looked back since.

Working at Nasstar

My first impression of Nasstar was that it was an honest business with people doing what they said they were going to do, which is not always the case in some organisations. It was really refreshing for me to move somewhere like Nasstar and I realised the potential for growth within a couple of weeks!

I was quickly made aware of the career paths available to me if I put the work in and so I set myself a goal to see how far I could progress in just 12 months. I was promoted to 1st line engineer after a year and then quickly moved through the ranks of 2nd line, 3rd line and then into Problem Management where I became a Problem Engineer.

However, it was always the Infrastructure team that I wanted to get into so when an opportunity arose in 2017, I grabbed the bull by the horns and went for a role as a Systems Engineer in the Infrastructure Operations team. I liked Problem Management and dealing with in-depth software issues, but I had always seen lots of potential in Infrastructure and knew exactly what career paths were available, plus I was slightly more interested in hardware.

Promotion to Technical Team Leader

In January 2019, I was promoted to Technical Team Leader in the Infrastructure team which is great! Every day is different, and I have a top team beside me all working towards delivering excellence for the company. My day-to-day changes radically but I love it. Technically speaking I manage the team, ensure we’re delivering and maintaining the agreed services to the company, manage the data centre and handle escalations. However, I’m currently also offering general support to the business alongside my normal role, as and when the need arises.

In my seven years at Nasstar, I’ve undertaken an ITIL certification and completed a team leader course. Ironically, I was the only team leader on the course at the time and failed first time around! It wasn’t all down to me though; I did have to leave the session temporarily to fix some issues and I did manage to pass the course on my second attempt!

Working at Nasstar

My favourite things about working here are the people and the technology. I feel like I genuinely work with an epic bunch of people who really add value to my working day. As a true-techie and someone keen to continuously learn, the technology really gets me excited and I can’t wait to see where Nasstar will move forward in terms of the changes to our technology.

As much as I love it here, I don’t think that any workplace is perfect and Nasstar is no exception. If I were to ask for improvements to anything it would be the staff levels, especially in the tech team. The business is growing at a great pace but we can’t always keep up with the demands of our customers and projects, so I think it’s important to focus on getting some more people on board to help deliver the excellent service that we strive for, something I know our HR teams are working hard to do.

There have been a number of big changes at Nasstar since I joined, perhaps the biggest is the size as we were just a small family-run business in 2012. You can still see elements of the culture that comes with a small family business, but it is not as clear as it used to be which I think is natural when you think of the growth we’ve experienced. We’re now becoming a dominating force as a business, growing as a company whilst growing and coaching the people who work here.

I think I’ve changed a lot in my time here too, when I joined I was always thinking about my next career move and how I could help myself to get to where I wanted to be. However now I’m putting more of a focus on my team and how I can grow their careers, for example by keeping abreast of the wider business and finding potential recruits who would fit well in my team.


When I’m not at work, I spend a lot of my free time walking my rescue dog, Zero. She’s an Akita and needs a lot of walking which is good because it keeps me fit too! I also enjoy socialising with friends over a beer or two and playing PlayStation, what techie doesn’t? I think my friends would describe me as cheeky and a yam yam, naturally.

When I think about what I’d be doing if I weren’t at Nasstar, I’d love to be in the motorbike industry with my dream job being a motorcycle racer, travelling the world and winning trophies along the way. However, back in the real world of work, I think in five years’ time I’d like to be in a more strategic role, perhaps as a systems architect in infrastructure helping to steer the direction in which the company is going in terms of technology and innovation.

Starting a New Job: Advice

To quote Albus Dumbledore, “help will always be given to those who ask for it”, and this would be my first piece of advice for anyone new joining the company. We’re a friendly bunch and are all here to support one another so asking questions and being honest when you’re unsure is a big part of our culture. I also think it’s important to step back, review facts and then move forward with a pragmatic approach when it comes to projects. I’d definitely recommend a career at Nasstar and if you’re willing to put the effort in, your potential is unlimited.”

If you're interested in starting a career with Nasstar and resonate with our core business values, check out our latest vacancies here.

Charlotte Tobulevicius

Charlotte Tobulevicius

Charlotte Tobulevicius is a Marketing Executive at Nasstar and has over 3 years experience writing content in a number of verticals.

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