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Get To Know... Jake Evans - 2nd Line Support Engineer

In insight / By Charlotte Tobulevicius / 17 May 2019

“I first joined Nasstar in April 2017 and prior to that, I was working as a Communications Systems Operator for the British Army which was largely IT and telecommunications based. I hadn’t always wanted to get into IT, when I finished college I had a place to study history at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, but decided I would rather get some hands on work experience in the army.

Working at Nasstar

Being in the army was great, I got to travel all over the world and meet some amazing people, but after four years I made the decision to try something new which is when I applied for a role at Nasstar.

I started as a 1st line support engineer which is very reactive and fast-paced; answering calls and responding to tickets. I then progressed to become a 2nd line support engineer which was a very natural progression after working with several clients and learning new technology. In this role, I work with more new technology and have more time to solve issues that can’t be fixed by 1st line engineers. Every day is different on the 2nd line support desk because you never know what tickets are going to come in on any given day, but I really enjoy the variance and chance to speak to new people all the time, whilst learning about new issues and how to solve them.

Since joining the company I have undertaken some team leadership training which, although I’m not currently in a leading role, was very beneficial to me and my career. I’m qualification hungry and always up for learning new skills, I believe that whilst you’re young you should take every opportunity to learn something new while you still can. I’d eventually like to go back to education, perhaps part-time to complete a degree in history.

The people and the company culture are what makes working at Nasstar so great, and for me, it’s very similar to what I was used to in the army. Everyone likes to have a laugh and get to know each other, but we also know when to knuckle down and get the job done. At Nasstar, I feel like people are recognised for being themselves and for their contribution to the company, as opposed to just being a number which can often be the case with large businesses.

What I really like is the ‘one-team’ ethic which is instilled across all of the offices and allows for cross-office collaboration and communication. I’ve recently had quite a bit of involvement with the Bournemouth team which has been great for getting to know the team there. I also really love the company-wide events such as the Christmas party which brings everyone from all the offices together and takes down some of the barriers that come with working out of numerous locations.

I’m not sure there is too much to be improved at Nasstar; everyone is friendly, people are happy and we don’t have any major dramas. It might be worth having more people to take on the heavy workloads as they increase, but this might have an adverse effect as you won’t have as much time and communication with your manager.

When not at work, I really enjoy going to the gym and actually try to go every day. I noticed that after coming out of the army, my fitness had taken a bit of a backseat so it’s great to be able to get back into training again. I also love to travel, most of my family live in Berlin so I try to get over there as much as I can. It’s such a great place with lots of culture and interesting history.

If I were to think about what I’d be doing if not at Nasstar, I think I’d be back in the army but possibly in a different type of role – I quite like the idea of getting into the Royal Marines.
Having been in the army and experienced the culture there, I think my friends would describe me as funny, loud and confident. I think these traits have benefitted me at Nasstar as the culture is relatively similar and I believe it’s important to be able to laugh at work.

On a professional level, I’d like to see myself in a management position at Nasstar within the next five years and so my focus now is getting as many skills as I can which will help me to get there. At Nasstar, people are always being promoted or moving into new roles which is good to see and shows that there are excellent career progression opportunities available to those who are willing to work for it.

Starting a New Job: Advice

My advice to someone new joining the support team would be to be yourself and don’t be afraid to be loud if that’s your thing. It’s important to ask lots of questions as there is a lot to learn and no one should ever be afraid to ask questions, I still ask questions everyday – it’s impossible to know everything!

My first thoughts when joining Nasstar were of nervousness and I was a little scared about transitioning from the army to an office job as I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, everyone made it really easy for me to settle in and everything fell into place. I think what has changed the most in my time here is the technology and customers, we now have lots of big customers which comes with more demand, higher expectations and new technologies or systems. This is a good challenge as we now have to think about new ways of working and new solutions to apply to different problems. I think the culture has mostly stayed the same, with the difference being that cohesion is now more encouraged across the offices.”

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Charlotte Tobulevicius

Charlotte Tobulevicius

Charlotte Tobulevicius is a Marketing Executive at Nasstar and has over 3 years experience writing content in a number of verticals.

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