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Get To Know... Ben Topping - Service Desk Manager

In insight / By Charlotte Tobulevicius / 23 September 2019

“I started with Nasstar in 2012 when it was known as Prior to joining the company, I was working in a 2nd line support role at another company but decided to take a side step to join e-know as a 2nd line support engineer, as it was offering much more progression than my role at the time.

Working at Nasstar

Over the last seven years my role has changed significantly and I’m very fortunate in the fact that Nasstar has put a lot of time and effort into helping me achieve my career goals, as well as providing me with great training opportunities which have helped get me to my current role as Service Desk Manager. I’d always wanted to get into people management as it’s something which comes naturally for me, I love people and I thrive off the challenge of motivating and getting the best from them.

In my role, no two days are ever the same, but I do try to add as much structure to the day as I can and make sure there are some consistencies such as objective setting for the team and reviewing the previous day’s performance. My current goal is to have us recognised by the Service Desk Institute and is something I’ll be actively encouraging my team to contribute towards over the next year or so.

My favourite thing about working at Nasstar is the people. I’ve been here a long time and have seen people come and go, but one thing that has stayed consistent is the type of people who are hired to work here. Nasstar really takes culture seriously and ensures that whenever a new person is hired, they are the right fit for both the role and the team they will be joining. Another favourite of mine is the talent that is found here, there is immense talent in every single department and it’s so encouraging to see. I think it also helps to keep people on their toes!

If I were to recommend an improvement for Nasstar, it would be to just continue refining and working towards integration of the business and offices. We’re so much closer than we’ve ever been, but there is still work to be done and I think if we carry on improving our efforts then we’ll ultimately achieve our integration goals across the whole organisation.

Outside the Office

When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with my family, it’s so important to spend with them so I ensure we’re always doing something when we have chance; whether that be going for a walk, taking my son to martial arts or playing football together. Speaking of football, another one of my favourite pastimes is watching my beloved Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium. I’ve also recently taken up golf and head to a local club with some of the guys from work once a week, although I think I definitely need more practice!

Sport has always been a big part of my life and I think that’s something which really helped me realise my potential in people management; however my dream job would be as the Captain or Manager of Man City… or just any job where I get to live and breathe ‘The Citizens’!

If my friends were to describe me in three words, I think they would say calm, sociable and fun. I always try to be the most positive person in the room and don’t see any point in wasting energy being miserable. This is also a mindset I try to encourage my team members to get into because if one person is being negative then it can have a detrimental impact on the rest of the group.

The Future at Nasstar

I really enjoy working at Nasstar and when I think about where I see myself in five years’ time, I definitely still see myself here. I’m enjoying the business journey and I feel motivated to keep contributing to the exciting changes which are happening all the time. There has always been opportunity here and this continues to be the case as we flex and grow as a company.

Advice for Starting a New Job

My advice for someone new joining my team would be to be open minded and willing to accept new ideas. We do things differently to our competitors which is great as it makes us individual, keeping us fresh and motivated to work towards our common goals and business objectives.

Why Consider Working at Nasstar

Nasstar has changed a lot since I joined, we were a small service desk of 7/8 and were a bit rough around the edges at the time, with different customers and differing expectations to what we experience now. Our customers expect a lot from us and know that we will continue to strive for service excellence when it comes to their IT, as well as keeping security at the heart of what we do; which is of utmost importance to myself and my team.

It’s also great to see so many of the same faces that were here when I first walked through the doors as it means that our cultural fit is still right and we’re maintaining the same family feel that was here all those years ago. Given the rate at which we’ve grown, I think it’s amazing that our culture has stayed the same; with the open-door policy that senior staff members embrace, the core family characteristics and relaxed hierarchy that is fundamental to the atmosphere felt across the business.

For me, Nasstar has been on a great journey of growth and innovation and it’s only going to ramp up as we move forward, making right now a great time to join the company.

If you're interested in starting a career with Nasstar and resonate with our core business values, check out our latest vacancies here."

Charlotte Tobulevicius

Charlotte Tobulevicius

Charlotte Tobulevicius is a Marketing Executive at Nasstar and has over four years experience writing content for a variety of clients in a number of verticals.

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