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The Foundation of a Recruitment Agency's Growth Strategy

In insight / By Carrie Morgan / 15 March 2019

Standard working practices in the recruitment industry are changing (see our whitepaper: ‘Culture, Talent and Technology: What differentiates the top performers in the recruitment industry?’); clients are expecting recruiters to work onsite at their offices as part of their hiring teams, and candidates are now engaging with recruiters through video apps and social media. Some agencies are even taking on responsibility for full business projects for their clients, sourcing the staff and IT resources to deliver outsourced client projects.

Because of this shift in service offerings and working practices, recruiters need to be able to work dynamically and flexibly, serving their clients in different ways depending on their customers’ own unique business needs and customer demographics.

Having a modern, collaborative and flexible desktop is the foundation for any agency’s growth strategy, and it’s the first step in being able to capitalise on more bleeding edge technology and innovation – after all, there’s no point having access to the latest virtual reality tools if staff are unable to even access their desktops and CRM data at home or when travelling between client sites. This is known as a hosted desktop.

What is a hosted desktop?

A hosted desktop, known to some as a virtual desktop, is much like a PC desktop except the profiles, applications and data are hosted from a secure private server located elsewhere. Users access the desktop via the internet with any device that can connect to it. It’s a great solution for businesses that cannot afford or have no space for a complete IT infrastructure. It also allows for flexible working from any location, at any time.

Why is a flexible and collaborative desktop so important?

In recruitment especially, consultants need to be flexible in their engagements with clients and candidates, whether that’s meeting candidates away from the office before an important interview or providing updates to clients around the clock. Being able to communicate through secure and company-approved communication channels is imperative for a modern agency. Clients don’t want to risk having candidate data or confidential communications with their recruitment partner being hacked and made public - they want to be confident that their recruitment partners take security and data protection seriously, whilst harnessing the latest tech in the industry to deliver more insights along the hiring journey to make improvements and adjustments.

At the core of all of this sits the desktop. And it’s not just as simple as letting staff access their email and files through the cloud: any services handling sensitive data need to be secured, and devices require added protection to prevent data being shared erroneously or maliciously.

Unfortunately, in the competitive recruitment market, keeping your client and candidate data safe from rogue employees or competitors is important to not only your business but your brand. What does it say about your investment in your business if you don’t have the appropriate security measures in place to protect your customers’ data? And, with GDPR, should you experience a breach, you are required to notify affected customers that their data may have been compromised; so there’s no way to avoid customers finding out if you haven’t put in place appropriate data security provisions.

How can a modern, flexible and collaborative desktop support your agency’s growth?

Expand globally
Take advantage of a global workforce at your fingertips, with the ability to work with other team members as if they were in your own office.

Attract and retain wider talent
Retain staff who want a more varied work-life balance, working in different locations or on different schedules that don’t always fit with a traditional office environment.

Empower staff to work on the go
Give staff the ability to work when and where they need to; whether that’s on-site at your office, at a client’s office, or travelling between locations. However, security must be at the heart of any new initiatives, so provisions need to be in place to manage the wiping of data from mobile devices when an employee leaves the company, or a device is lost or stolen.

Why does a hosted desktop solution make sense for your agency?

  • Available on a per user/per month basis – enabling you to align your costs more closely with staff numbers for more accurate financial planning and to ensure you don’t have expensive capital outlays for a bigger system than you require today.
  • Desktops securely accessible from any device capable of viewing the desktop (i.e. a mobile phone or laptop) – for staff who are based away from the office or who need to access client information and systems when travelling.
  • Run a mix of legacy and web-based applications, within a secure hosted desktop service – perfect for combining your regular applications with newer tools and apps in a secure way.
  • Fully managed IT solution – where Nasstar takes on responsibility for your end to end IT service to enable you to concentrate on your business and customers, rather than worrying about your IT infrastructure and software.
  • Backup and disaster recovery to keep your business running in the event of an issue – to guard against cyber-attacks and to deliver a more resilient and reliable service to your own clients.
  • 24/7 support – benefit from having access to a 24/7 team of experts, who are specialised in IT service delivery to the recruitment sector.


But it’s not just about delivering the IT basics. Nasstar acts as an outsourced ‘Innovation-as-a-Service’ provider to our recruitment clients; supporting them in accessing and integrating the latest innovations available in their market to help them excel. Our teams keep their ears close to the ground, staying up to date on the latest tech across security, resiliency, cloud, artificial intelligence, combined with leveraging our expertise in the recruitment industry.

Contact Nasstar about our hosted desktop and other IT services and work with us today to help kickstart your innovation.

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Carrie Morgan

Carrie Morgan

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