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Entrepreneur Country TV with Nigel Redwood

In news, video / By Guise Bule / 30 August 2016

Our CEO Nigel Redwood recently appeared on Entrepreneur Country TV hosted by ECTV's founder, Julie Meyer MBE.

For those of you who do not know, Entrepreneur Country is a subsidiary of our customer, Adriadne Capital.

Ariadne Capital is a, London based, investment firm, founded by Julie Meyer MBE, which builds Ecosystem Economics based firms. Entrepreneur Country is their platform for bringing digital David’s and industrial Goliath's together to model and deliver future states of their businesses.

ECTV interviewed Nigel to get a bit of background on him and learn about the changes he has been making at Nasstar PLC over the last few years.

Nigel first began his career at Bass Brewers, before joining his father's company in 2002 as Sales Manager.

Over time, Nigel worked his way up to CEO and spent over a decade building up until Nigel eventually led our reverse takeover of Nasstar PLC in 2014.

Through a picture of organic and acquisitive growth, as CEO Nigel has grown Nasstar PLC from a 2 Million GBP loss making business, into a business with a 50 Million GBP market cap.

As Nigel goes on to say in the video, Nasstar manages its IT portfolio for its clients, end to end, we enable businesses to take advantage of digital transformational technologies, we host and manage their entire application portfolio, including their line of business, legacy and commodity applications.

We specialise in the integration of public and private cloud offerings, allowing our customers to leverage the competitive edge that these hyper-scale public clouds bring.

Nasstar PLC goes to market by targeting vertical markets, predominantly we are strong in legal, financial, recruitment and government, but we do have some large household names outside of those verticals too, including the Easy Group, EON and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Nigel sees clearly why digital technology is so important, in his own words "I think its a combination of two things, firstly it about market reach, being able to penetrate new markets and go to market more quickly and secondly, its about operational efficiency, by using technologies to streamline your work processes and remove any non value add costs from your business".

We hope you like this snapshot of Nasstar and our CEO Nigel, if you do have any questions about us or any of our services, please do get in touch using or by calling

If you wish to learn more about Ariadne Capital, or Entrepreneur Country, please visit their website over at

Guise Bule

Guise Bule

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