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Does Your Business Need A Hosted Desktop Solution? It’s Time To Find Out!

In / By Katy Flannery / 07 August 2017

Nasstar PLC have been delivering hosted desktops for over a decade and are the largest provider in the UK. Nasstar PLC provide a hosted desktop environment that gives users secure anytime, anywhere access to applications and data.

Does your business have countless computers and devices? Then a hosted desktop solution is something you might need to consider. Also if you want to take your business into the new cloud orientated world, then a hosted desktop solution like ours will help.

But how do you know if hosted desktop is right for your business? We think it’s time for you to find out via our interactive quiz .

Our hosted desktops are designed to provide you with a fully managed solution that takes the pain out of your IT. We fully manage, monitor, support and secure your infrastructure and provide you with a guaranteed uptime SLA. We support desktops, applications, servers, networks, users, email and anything connected to your hosted desktop via our 24/7 user focused support. You can depend on our technical support to always be there all of the time. Contact us today for more information.

Katy Flannery

Katy Flannery

Marketing Executive for Nasstar.

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