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In insight / By Lydia Cooper / 17 May 2017

Nasstar's CEO spoke to Legal Practice Management magazine this month about the changing cybersecurity landscape and how firms can prepare.

Given the large scale ransomware attack on the NHS and multiple other companies a few days ago, the interview delivers a timely reminder of the dark side of digital advantage - today's firms are becoming more technological advanced, however so are the cybercriminals.

Law firms in particular are attractive targets to cybercriminals due to the fact that they hold large amounts of money and more importantly, a vast amount of valuable sensitive data. And whilst outsourcing to a managed IT provider like Nasstar will provide peace of mind that your infrastructure and data is safe, it doesn't mean its completely protected against attack. Technology is important, of course, but so is awareness.

GCHQ says technology can prevent 20% of breaches but its people that stop the other 80%. That's why firms should be investing in a cyber security certification that gives them an understanding of how to buttress information security.

Though cybercriminals pose more of a threat to the legal industry than ever, firms can prepare and protect themselves. To find out how, read the full article here.

Lydia Cooper

Lydia Cooper

Group Marketing Manager at Nasstar.

Telford, Shropshire
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