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Blue skies and Artificial Intelligence

In news / By Gerald Martin / 14 November 2016

Recently I read an article about Ladybird books. These books were very popular when I was growing up and had a lot of content devoted to the future and the great technological advances that were sure to be made.

In the books I read the sky was always blue and I was intrigued to learn that this was not just a nostalgic memory. The illustrators made sure to take their photographs and make preliminary sketches on a fine day. Bright blue skies were something they took great care to achieve. The writers and artists involved in the production of Ladybird Books were people who had come through World War II and to some extent they shared a basic optimism about what a good life would be and how technology would help achieve that life.

New technologies always evoke interest, hopes and fears and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no different. It can fairly be described as a disruptive technology and today when people write about AI it is often a dystopian vision that they show. Rather than blue skies we have Terminator and Skynet.

However, experts and practitioners in the AI industry, whilst recognising the immense potential of this technology, subscribe to neither the dystopian nor utopian view. They do agree it is a disruptive technology which offers considerable advantage to those firms and organisations which understand its power and limitations.

One of the world leaders in Artificial Intelligence is RAVN Systems, a British company based in London which has deployed its technology in some of the biggest legal firms in the country. Interestingly, their website strapline is the Power of Understanding - Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Search, Document Automation. So not Skynet just yet. Instead a practical way for firms to gain real competitive advantage by understanding unstructured data and thereby produce work faster whilst improving margins and avoiding mistakes. AI does offer real benefits now to those legal firms which understand how to deploy this exciting technology.

Nasstar are delighted to host a breakfast briefing at which the Chief Technology Officer of RAVN, Jan Van Hoecke, will explain what this new technology is and what it is not, what it can do for your firm and how to go about evaluating it.

As an established and well-regarded IT services provider to the legal sector, AI is a topic of great interest to Nasstar as a business. We deliver innovative, secure and agile IT solutions that are specifically tailored to the legal sector, freeing firms to focus on adding value to the business through tools such as Artificial Intelligence and Nasstar's CEO Nigel Redwood will be on hand throughout the seminar to discuss how firms can leverage future technologies to transform the way their business operates.

Join us at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London’s Mayfair on Thursday 24th November for a breakfast briefing followed by Q&A. For more information contact Lydia Cooper or Gerald Martin.

Gerald Martin

Gerald Martin

Gerald is a seasoned sales professional with decades of experience in the managed IT services industry.

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