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Be More Productive This New Year

In insight / By Charlotte Tobulevicius / 04 January 2019

January is often a time for reflection and change making, some of us focus on big lifestyle changes such as getting fit or eating healthier, but for many, being more productive at work is also top of the agenda.

Making the most out of your working day can be difficult when you have 101 things to do and a number of distractions, but you can make it easier on yourself. There are several methods and tools you can use to increase productivity at work, here are a few of our favourites:

List Writing

Take it back to basics and write a to-do list each day. Start by noting down everything you need to get done and then prioritise by level of importance, you’ll often find that you can move smaller, less important tasks to later in the week which will free up your time to focus on the urgent jobs. There’s also something strangely satisfying about crossing out tasks as you complete them – great for keeping you motivated.

Collaboration Tools

There are numerous tools out there for collaborative working and connecting with your colleagues, from project management tools such as Asana or Microsoft Planner, to communication tools like Skype or Microsoft Teams. Using tools like these can be hugely beneficial for both big projects and day-to-day tasks - giving you the means to collaborate, ask opinions and spread out the workload can be a huge timesaver. Chat tools are also great for when you have a spare few minutes to share a meme with a colleague!

Email Features

You might not know it but you already have a wealth of handy features at your fingertips through your email hosting platform, from easy labelling and keyboard shortcuts, to delayed sending and conditional formatting. Utilising your email platform’s calendar is also a great way to schedule and plan your workload, ensuring you don’t miss anything and stay focussed on your key tasks.

Ideas Management

How often do we think of great ideas, note them down on a post-it and then lose them? Quite regularly I would say! Although it’s not one of the most obvious ways to be more productive, it’s important to have an ideas bank that you can call upon when creativity is lacking. This will save you time mind mapping and thinking of new ideas when you could be doing something else. A great tool for saving your ideas in one place is Microsoft OneNote - you can type, free-hand write, draw or even search and clip from the web.

The Right IT

Although it’s not a quick fix like the other options, having the right IT to support your requirements is imperative for increased productivity. Taking advantage of managed IT or telephony can really free you up to focus on the important aspects of your job without worrying about software updates or cybersecurity. At Nasstar, we can provide an end-to-end service which supports you with your core activities whilst taking the stress out of your IT.

Of course, there are plenty more methods out there for increasing productivity in the workplace but by starting with one or two, you can really begin to make a difference to efficiencies in your average working day.

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Charlotte Tobulevicius

Charlotte Tobulevicius

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