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Avoiding Pitfalls, Guaranteeing Performance & Building Great Partnerships

In news / By Charlotte Tobulevicius / 12 April 2019

On May 3rd we are hosting a collaborative event with top law firm Jackson Lees, and telecoms specialist Matrix247.

The workshop will cover a number of issues often experienced by law firms when choosing an ICT provider and will address how to combat them. As the title of the event suggests, we will discuss how to avoid pitfalls, guarantee performance and build a partnership with your ICT supplier.

The collaborative event aims to demonstrate to legal professionals that having a good relationship with your IT suppliers is imperative for the success of your business and how they can become a partner, as opposed to simply a provider of a service.

Jackson Lees’ office in Liverpool is the location for the event and speakers from the law firm will open the workshop with a talk about why they chose to outsource, how they navigated through the negotiation and project management phase of the move, stakeholder adoption and how to build trust and honesty to maintain a successful partnership. They will also discuss the value of a good cultural fit and how they came to find this with their outsource providers, Nasstar and Matrix 247.

Nasstar will provide the middle section of the workshop with a talk from our CEO, Nigel Redwood, about the company’s role as a supplier to the legal sector, how value can be added, technology and security changes, mitigating risks and migration strategies. We will end our talk with a discussion around how law firms can avoid becoming ‘trapped’ by their vendor and what best practice looks like.

Since entering the legal market as an IT provider in 2002, Nasstar has become an expert in this sector when it comes to knowing the client needs and expectations. With ever-changing technology and legislative changes in the legal industry, we know the importance of keeping clients up to date and how this can have a significant impact on their relationship with the client.

Nigel Redwood, CEO at Nasstar, said: “When we first decided to host an event with Jackson Lees and Matrix247, we knew we had to address an issue which had become a bone of contention for many legal professionals. Each of us has a number of years’ experience in the industry and we’ve all had experiences of law firms having bad relationships with their vendors and how this has impacted them. We therefore knew it was important to address this and communicate to the legal industry that it doesn’t have to be like that, and how we can help.”

Closing the event is Matrix247, award-winning telecoms specialist providing services to the legal sector. A representative from the company will explain how the business services the industry, the benefits of collaboration between suppliers and clients, and fighting funds when it comes to navigating early release from current supplier contracts.

The event is being held on the 3rd May and invites all legal professionals to come and learn more about how they can build and maintain great relationships with their suppliers. You can sign up for tickets here.

For more information about Nasstar and the services it provides, visit the website here.

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Charlotte Tobulevicius

Charlotte Tobulevicius

Charlotte Tobulevicius is a Marketing Executive at Nasstar and has over four years experience writing content for a variety of clients in a number of verticals.

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