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Artificial Intelligence Can Now Argue Back! But Is This A Good Thing?

In analysis / By Mark Flynn / 02 July 2018

This week’s news has once again been dominated by the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The most exciting piece of AI news has come out of IBM, this week the people behind Watson have revealed Project Debater. Project debater can argue with people, now that might not sound like a good thing but it actually displays a range of impressive technical feats.

Firstly, it can understand the context of what someone is saying during a debate which shows how far the technologies used in chatbots or conversational AI have come. This is especially true when you take into account the fact that when it gave a response for its side of the debate, it created the narrative for its argument.

In fact, it is not just the narrative that is important but also how quickly it was able to come up with an argument. Project Debater was not told of the subject of the debate ahead of time but rather had to research it and then put it all together in real time.

Project Debater is to some, the next step in AI assistants. Loading up the AI with a large number of research papers around a subject and then letting it loose to come up with arguments for and against the issue would hopefully give an argument that is free of human bias whilst sounding like an argument from a real-life human being.

Of course, we can talk about future of AI but it is also important to look at what AI is capable of doing for your business right now. For example, the personalisation of service is an incredibly important feature for attracting customers. By giving an individual a tailored experience, you can increase customer retention.

AI can also look at data produced by previous clients and failed bids to figure out why they stayed or left to allow your team to learn how to improve the sales process.

Whilst some may say that AI will remove jobs from the market, the truth is that most of the time it will simply augment the already existing workforce.

Personal assistant AI will become more and more useful as they start to use a larger number of techniques to aid the user. Whilst having a Project Debater in your office is while off yet, assistant AI can do a number of tasks such as response handling, automating gathering/filing paperwork and screening and, are not limited to 9 to 5 or sickness.

As ever with AI, it is important to keep an eye on the benefits it can deliver now as well as the future varied and exciting possibilities. More from me on this topic soon!

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Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn is Head of Sales for Nasstar. Mark has wealth of knowledge & experience within the IT industry & plays an instrumental part in defining our long-term sales & go to market strategies.

London, England
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