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Are You Ready To Make AI A Success In Your Business?

In insight / By Mark Flynn / 14 May 2018

If there is just one standout theme for this week then it has to be - are you ready?

Are you ready to make AI a success in your business? To ensure you are ready, you have to get the foundations in place. You must make sure you are maximising your existing analytics and automation capabilities, for example, pulling together your CRM, telephony and billing data to identify how you can improve your sales capability. If you do not then there’s no point investing in AI, you need to get ready for AI by making sure the foundations are in place first.  

Secondly, are you ready for how AI is going to transform your workforce? It is expected that 1 in 5 workers will have AI as their co-worker in 2022 and to make sure AI truly delivers productivity gains and augments and amplifies your employees then you need a Bots and Bodies strategy.

When it comes to cyber crime the question are you ready is unfortunately often met with the answer of 'no'. One of the most basic issues that come up is the lack of effective education for employees. This article from the Harvard Business Review gives some great tips on how to fix your employees bad habits. It doesn't matter how much you spend on great cybersecurity technology it is typically down to the poor judgment of your employees that can be directly responsible for your security problems. Be it an employee clicking on a bad link, falling for a phishing attack, using a weak password, or neglecting to install a security update in a timely manner. 

Of course, being ready for cybercrime isn’t just about educating your staff. If you allow users to connect to business systems using smartphones and tablets across open wi-fi networks in coffee shops for example, it is important to adopt a security model based on not trusting anyone or anything connecting from inside or outside your organisation. The Zero Trust model suggests that we shouldn’t trust anything even if it does get inside the network. It looks to limit the powers of any given account to the minimum required to do their job and constantly check they are who they claim to be.

Finally, at what age are you ready to become an entrepreneur? A fascinating article from Forbes about how the average entrepreneur is older than most people think. With so many well-known entrepreneurs being young the older generation can be forgiven for thinking they’re too old. But a new study by the Kauffman Foundation has revealed that twice as many successful entrepreneurs are more than 50 as under 25. Move over Mark Zuckerburg and Elon Musk and come on you oldies!

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Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn is Head of Sales for Nasstar. Mark has wealth of knowledge & experience within the IT industry & plays an instrumental part in defining our long-term sales & go to market strategies.

London, England
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