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Achieving Success Through Innovation

In insight / By Carrie Morgan / 22 March 2019

To survive in the competitive recruitment industry, recruitment agencies are embracing innovation across every area of their business; continually moving forward and looking for new ways to deliver better services to clients - such as finding the right candidates for jobs sooner, helping new employees to get onboard and integrated into their new company faster, or speeding up the entire recruitment process for clients. The expectations of what constitutes a ‘good’ service for a recruitment agency have changed, and for recruiters to excel in this new world of hiring expectations, they need to develop strengths across their culture, talent and technology – read more in our whitepaper: ‘Culture, Talent and Technology: What differentiates the top performers in the recruitment industry?’

With innovative disruptors in the industry strengthening their offerings; such as Google Jobs and LinkedIn, clients are expecting more than just traditional recruitment services from their agency partners: they want innovative agencies to help them to improve their entire hiring experience for candidates. This could involve improving their employer brands through better access to dynamic tools or supporting with tracking and monitoring the hiring process.

Clients today want their agency partners to bring recruitment and hiring innovation to their organisation, and in turn, we at Nasstar bring technology innovation to recruitment agencies. We like to think of ourselves as offering ‘innovation-as-a-service’ to our customers; helping our clients to get the technology foundations in place to enable them to integrate new innovative practices across their business, often outside of technology. Having the right technology foundations in place allows you, as a business, to explore those ‘future’ tech innovations that will drive your agency forward and enable you to attract the superstars of your industry.

What does innovation mean to you?

The interesting thing about innovation is that it means hugely different things to different people. Some agencies see technology innovation as simply moving their apps and files to the cloud, whereas for other agencies innovation is the next artificial intelligence (AI) tool. Innovation isn’t just about technology though: it’s rooted in your people and processes and the culture of innovation that you actively develop in your business.

Innovation in Recruitment

How do you continually improve the services that you deliver to your customers? What process does your agency go through to innovate and disrupt your existing customer base? This is all driven by the culture you develop and the staff you hire - and attracting the right talent to work for you is a key component of building a dynamic agency focused on innovation. However, the culture you nurture depends on having the right technology foundations in place across cloud, security, AI and integration:


Cloud supports your teams by delivering a modern, flexible and collaborative desktop where communication and files are shared seamlessly between devices.


When dealing with confidential hiring data, agencies need to be confident they can innovate without worrying about security breaches affecting their new data sharing tools. Tools such as nFileSync or nCrypt can help secure all data on your systems. It gives agencies the freedom to grow without being constrained by risk.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

More recruitment services will become reliant on AI as greater volumes of data are created and stored about candidates and their hiring journeys. Systems need to be in place to cope with the increased amounts of data being processed that these new AI tools will create.


For the value of new innovative tech solutions and apps to be realised; applications, systems and data pools need to be properly integrated. If data isn’t shared dynamically, many tools become redundant: your CRM system doesn’t become one version of the truth and the quality of data is affected.

Why Nasstar for innovation?

Becoming an innovative agency doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it a one-time exercise with a start and end-point. That’s why it’s so difficult for many recruitment firms to continually innovate as it requires in-house teams to be continually focused on looking at the next big thing in tech, cross-referenced with new innovations and trends within their own industry.

Nasstar has specialists dedicated to reviewing the latest technology, security, tools and processes, as well as attending industry events and keeping training up to date. We act as outsourced tech and innovation experts for our clients, enabling them to focus on their core business needs while we take care of technology and investigating how we can support their innovation strategies. Contact us today to help us get started with your innovation.

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Carrie Morgan

Carrie Morgan

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