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Happy 50th Birthday Telford!

In news / By Lydia Cooper / 29 November 2018

Today marks 50 years since Telford became a new town and throughout the course of the day and this evening, residents will come together to celebrate the landmark occasion.

Five decades ago, the Dawley New Town (Designations) Amendment (Telford) Order was made, laying out an extended boundary for the town.

Today Telford has grown dramatically, continuing to make its mark as a place of innovation, invention and technology harking back to its industrial heritage and significant history.

Named after the famous civil engineer Thomas Telford, Telford is often called the “birthplace of industry” due to places in the borough, such as the Ironbridge Gorge, that are internationally recognised for their key role in the industrial revolution. Ironbridge Gorge is also a thriving tourist destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As part of Telford’s Anniversary, Telford and Wrekin council will be holding a series of events to highlight and celebrate the town’s history and its future as a fantastic place to live, work or visit.

Twenty years ago, Nasstar built its business in the heart of Telford and it’s been a fantastic base to grow the business. Nasstar is a family run business, its founder David Redwood is midlands based as is Nasstar’s CEO, Nigel, David’s son and his daughter, Nikki, the FD.

When the business was first established, Telford was selected as an ideal base to be close to a wealth of education establishments, such as Wolverhampton and Stafford University. This proximity means that we have access to a high quality pool of talent to support our growing business and our continuous recruitment drive.

At Nasstar, we’ve expanded our business out beyond Telford with offices in London, Northampton, Bournemouth and even New Zealand. However, Telford remains at the heart of our business as our headquarters and the largest of our operational centres.

We’re very proud to be based in Telford and delighted to be involved in the 50th anniversary celebrations.

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Lydia Cooper

Lydia Cooper

Group Marketing Manager at Nasstar.

Telford, Shropshire
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