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5 Ways Managed IT Can Make Your Business More Profitable

In insight / By Lee Savery / 08 August 2019

Implementing managed IT into your business is a great way to reduce the burden of supporting your staff and IT infrastructure, meaning you can focus your efforts elsewhere. When you choose to outsource your IT support, you can reduce labour costs, increase your efficiency (thus becoming much more competitive) and control your IT costs. Alongside this, when done properly, managed IT can help you make your business much more profitable. In this article, the Nasstar experts tell you exactly how to do so.

Time Saved on IT Support

Everyone knows that time equals money, and when you implement managed IT support, you’ll be able to give this extra layer of support to your internal IT team, as they can put all of their focus on their day-to-day projects. The main benefit of this is that your company’s IT projects will be steered by industry professionals.

Minimising Downtime

The main aim of IT management is to standardise and improve efficiency within the team, all while minimising downtime and helping your team to resolve any problems or issues. Managed IT helps promote integration between different departments and sectors, with information shared securely across divisions, giving you better vision and helping to increase cost efficiency.

Fixed Rates

There are many benefits of having a fully dedicated team of qualified IT professionals - one of them being the affordable, fixed monthly rate. This means that businesses don’t need to cover extra costs for a variable team of in-house IT experts. Alongside this, there are no unexpected charges or changes in rates.

Cybersecurity Protection

Cybercrime is an ever-burgeoning threat for every single business, which means all companies needs to take a prevention rather than cure approach. Cyber criminals don’t discriminate - you need to make sure your business’ data is protected, and a basic firewall solution isn’t enough.

Your managed IT solution should offer a good quality backup and security service that helps prevent any data loss or damage to the infrastructure. By 2021, it’s predicted that cybercrime will cost the globe more than $6 trillion, so you need to make sure you’re putting procedures in place that protect your company, so that it can keep running and remain profitable.

Efficiently Manage Change

Managed IT can help you maintain and oversee change in a much more efficient and effective manner. This is because IT support focuses on repeatable, standardised and accountable processes, therefore helping to manage change in a way that enables IT teams to identify problems resulting from changes. When change is managed correctly, it minimises downtime and user experience issues —which means more productivity for your staff.

At Nasstar, we work with you to get the most from your systems and applications, with our dedicated Professional Services team on hand to support you each step of the way. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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Lee Savery

Lee Savery

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