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5 Reasons Why Law Firms Should Use Hosted Desktop

In insight / By Andy Lewis / 21 June 2018

1. Productivity

Small to medium firms will work on much smaller margins than huge conglomerates, meaning that every billable hour is crucial. With an internal server, you find that if not maintained and updated often enough, it can begin to slow down. This in turn will affect the productivity of your fee earners who are unable to complete their cases as quickly as they ideally would. This can lead to wasted time in trying to wait for documents to load, and while thirty seconds may not seem a whole lot, add that up across the day per employee, then add all that time together for a week and you could see a significant chunk of time being wasted due to a poor server performance.

By going to a hosted virtual desktop system, these slow server issues are removed. With Nasstar, you will find that our servers are continuously maintained and updated to ensure they are running at an optimum level at all times.

2. Data Security

Arguably the biggest threat to every firm in the world is a cyber-attack. Another benefit from our constant push to improve our servers is that we are constantly making sure they are as protected as possible, ensuring that all data is kept as safe and protected against any sort of security threats. We know that the data any company holds could be harmful if the wrong people get their hands on it, using an internal server may not always have the necessary firewalls in place to protect you. Law firms are amongst the most targeted for cyber criminals. Why would a hacker try and hack a huge multinational organisation with multi million-pound countermeasures – it’s a lot simpler for them to hack that company’s law firm who will hold the most sensitive information. Forget loss of earnings and civil cases if you get hacked, the loss of reputation across your customer base could shut your doors.

Using a private cloud solution wraps your data in the most secure blanket possible with constant monitoring, penetration testing and deployment of the most sophisticated cybercrime countermeasures that are available.

3. Constant Innovation

Your practice management software is a vital part of your firm, the software must keep pace with your fee earners and back office needs. Hosting this vital software on the most performant servers possible should be a no-brainer. But what other solutions are there to add productivity to the firm and get you one step ahead of the competition?

Have you got a company bringing your e-sign platforms, SRA compliant drop box features, 2 factor authentication for client site visits?

Have you got the time to train your internal people to support such platforms? Which solutions work with each other, are you going to have compatibility problems with your other systems? How much with the servers cost to deliver this?

Final question, why should you and your firm spend so much time exploring all this stuff, when 50% of it might not be right for you?

You are always one step behind if you don’t have a managed service partner who specialises in the legal sector supporting you. We bring the solutions to you that we feel you could benefit from, they have been tested so we know the bugs and how to avoid them. Plus, it’s easy to budget for, because you will only be paying a small increase per user per month for those who use the software.

4. Backup

Perhaps the most important point to note is that with a hosted virtual desktop system your data and applications are backed up hourly on another server. If you are using internal systems there is a higher probability that you do not have the resources for a backup server, or if you do (well done by the way!) then you certainly don’t do a ‘Disaster Recovery’ test every year. Ask yourself what would happen to your firm and your fee earners if you came in tomorrow morning and you couldn’t access your systems because the servers were faulty. It’s the equivalent to getting hacked to the highest degree, you will not recover for days or even weeks.

If a firm uses a Hosted Desktop, the data is copied every hour to a secondary datacentre 24 hours a day. If the worst imaginable did happen – we would fire up your servers in the secondary DC.

5. Money Saving

While investing in a new product may seem like you aren’t actually saving money, taking onboard a hosted virtual desktop can save you a considerable amount in the future. For starters, you are no longer having to run your own servers and internal support teams (if applicable).

All you pay is a predictable per user per month cost for the staff that need access to the systems. If you take on 5 new starters, just pick up the phone and we can deploy 5 new cloud environments and access for them.

If you are interested in hosted virtual desktop systems for your firm make sure you call our sales team on 020 7148 5000, or email me.

As the largest supplier of hosted virtual desktops in the UK, we have 20 years’ worth of experience to help support you as you make the change to a hosted virtual desktop. Read our blog The Nasstarian to see how our services can help your business.

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Andy Lewis

Andy Lewis

Business Development Manager for Nasstar.

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