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10 Reasons Why SME’s Should Use Hosted Virtual Desktop

In opinion / By Lydia Cooper / 18 June 2018

A Hosted Virtual Desktop in any business has a range of very significant benefits, but while we can talk about the various benefits, we understand that businesses come in all shapes and sizes and that often, SMEs can be forgotten about when the rest of the world is moving forward.

A hosted virtual desktop system allows users to work in a faster and better responsive workplace, that can be securely accessed from anywhere. This is all good and well, but how would this benefit SMEs? We take a look at 10 reasons SMEs should use a hosted virtual desktop, and look at opportunities that could arise from them.

1. Productivity

Small to medium businesses will work on much smaller margins that huge conglomerate businesses, meaning that every second is crucial. With an internal server, you find that if not maintained and updated often enough, it can begin to slow down. This, in turn, will affect the productivity of your staff who are unable to complete their jobs as quickly as they ideally would. This can lead to wasted time in trying to wait for documents to load, and while thirty seconds may not seem a whole lot, add that up across the day per employee, then add all of that time together for a week and you could see a significant chunk of time being wasted due to a poor server.

By going to a hosted virtual desktop system, these slow server issues are removed. With Nasstar, you will find that our servers are continuously maintained and updated to ensure they are running at an optimum level at all times.

2. Data Security

Another benefit from our constant push to improve our servers is that we are constantly making sure they are as foolproof as possible, ensuring that all data is kept as safe and protected as possible against any sort of security threats. We know that the data any company holds could be harmful if the wrong people get their hands on it, and through an internal server, you may not always have the necessary firewalls in place to protect you. With a hosted virtual desktop system, you can trust that your data is safely in our hands.

3. Damage Limitation

This data security, in turn, can lead to a perfect insurance in case something was to happen to your business. With an internal server, you may not have the most up-to-date systems in place, meaning your information and files could be an easier target for hackers, in comparison to a business who was working through a hosted virtual desktop system.

It’s not just from a security point of view either. If an internal server was to be damaged in some way, or something was to happen to it that would see all of your data lost, and no backup was in place, what would happen to your business? As a business, you would not have the necessary resources to divert work towards replacing these necessary files, as you work on a much slimmer timeframe compared to what may be available to a larger company.

4. Constant Updates

We have previously referred to this, but a hosted virtual desktop system can be updated as much as possible, with experts specifically working on how we can always improve what we offer. This means that instead of having to look to your own server and make sure that you are updating it often enough, we are doing all the hard work for you. And this links back to our point about productivity, you are able to focus on what your job really is, instead of having to worry about the upkeep of a server.

5. Software

Software is a vital part to any hosted virtual desktop, and servers need to have the latest releases to make sure they run smoothly and do their job in protecting your files. The software is also responsible for delivering your files to your device and making sure this is secure.

We are constantly updating and patching our software, and all of this means that we are reducing your costs of having to update servers internally. A major positive for a business using Nasstar’s hosted virtual desktop system is that it allows for easy expansion, allowing your business to grow and grow, without the fear that your own internal servers aren’t quite up to scratch.

6. Backup

A major, and perhaps the biggest thing to take note of is the fact that with a hosted virtual desktop system, your data and applications are backed up on another server. As a smaller business, there is a higher probability that you do not have the resources for a backup server. As we covered in damage limitation, events can happen where a single internal server may not be enough, and having all of your data backed up and safe in another location can be a huge relief. Knowing that anything can be retrieved in a matter of moments after anything going wrong can make a huge difference to any business.

7. Overseas Access

With a hosted virtual desktop system, you have various options to work from wherever you need. For many, this may simply be a case of working remotely from home, or from a client's office. Knowing you can access your files wherever and whenever you need can be a huge benefit in business, and can be part of impressing a client that you are more than up for the job.

But knowing that as a business you can work overseas through a hosted virtual desktop can be a huge positive. Knowing that you have the option to venture into new markets where you could potentially grow your business would be a huge drive for many. Even if as a smaller business you want to remain small, you know that you will always have the option of working wherever you want around the world.

8. Tailored Packages

Hosting your own server or installing updates yourself can be a huge cost at any one time, and an SME may not always be able to afford the expense that can come with this in one go.

Hosted virtual desktop systems are frequently available as a tailored package that will suit your business needs, and also offer you the level of support that you and your business requires. These tailored packages will always vary from business to business, so it is always worth contacting us to see what we can do for you.

9. Money Saving

While investing in a new product may seem like you aren’t actually saving money, taking onboard a hosted virtual desktop can save you a considerable amount in the future. For starters, you are no longer having to run your own server. This means that you no longer have to pay for the maintenance of a server, which includes the server itself, as well as the software and updates.

You will also free up vital space in your workplace, which could be used for a new employee, or an array of other things which could contribute to the growth of your business. And with a hosted virtual desktop allowing you to work wherever you want and whenever need to, you will be able to look into growing your business in ways you previously never thought possible.

10. Going Green

The final benefit of having a hosted virtual desktop is the fact that you will indeed be making less of an impact on the environment. With less energy being used by your business’s sole server, and making it part of a pre-existing system, you are reducing the amount of energy used in your office, both to run the server and also to cool it down. By outsourcing, you are reducing your carbon footprint, and while this may not be much of a direct benefit to your business, it is a good thing for you to brag about.

If you are interested in hosted virtual desktop systems for your small business make sure you call our sales team on 020 7148 5000, or email them.

As the largest supplier of hosted virtual desktops in the UK, we have over 10 years worth of experience to help support you as you make the change to a hosted virtual desktop.

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Lydia Cooper

Lydia Cooper

Group Marketing Manager at Nasstar.

Telford, Shropshire
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